Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Well @CKHall22 my current best for ‘Guns N Roses’ is 3:35, not sure how I would cut on that to be honest.

Edit: I think I can cut on it, nevermind. I just wanted to avoid using FEs but looks as if that’s the way forward.


@CKHall22 I think I’ve set a new record: 2:28. Correct me if I’m wrong. @Fortheseven will probably cut that one in half.


i got 2:07, will post a video later


Because I was curious, I know some others might be, here’s neo-rah’s run of Hanging by a Thread. It’s cool how he did it.



I Followed all the rules

I took screenshots though my playthrough, to tell my “story” :laughing:

What I did… Spoiler…

As soon as I stated I headed for the targets immediately. I bumped into both of them to slow them down. Then I immediately headed towards the basement to steal the waiter disguise and the rat poison. Then I quickly rushed back upstairs headed to the bar area… I then again, bumped into both targets to stop them while I “poisoned” the drinks.

Drinks poisoned

Then I rushed back down the basement to grab the tech guys disguise, once the security guy left the room. I used the near by FE as a distraction to lure out the stylist. Then grabbed this guy, put him in the bin and took his disguise.

From there, I headed back upstairs towards my “sick” targets. They were both in different bathrooms

I subdued them both. Then I went to pick up my shotgun in the shed outside. I subdued a CICADA guard and hid his body, then brought my shotgun back to the one bathroom and dropped the shotgun.
Then I ran back to the CICADA guy to retrieve my tech suit and went back to the bathroom.

I shot him. Guards obviously heard the noise, but I immediately hid his body and very quickly ran next door to the other bathroom.

I shot her and hid her body in the closet, where I too, hid in with her until things calmed down a bit. Once everything went back to normal, I simply got out of the closet and headed up the stairs that Novikov usually comes down from. Then when the coast was clear, I simply shot the chandelier, killing the final target then ran like hell to the exit…


Very excellent contract man! Definitely the hardest one so far in this thread. Not my best time, it can obviously get done faster probably, but I got SA and had fun playing it dude. Very nice!


@CKHall22 @Silverballer



[spoiler]How on earth did you know which drinks to poison before the targets arrived at the bar? You’re saying you knew exactly who both of these guys were and where they were going based just on their names and appearances, or based on their starting position on the map?!

I think you should post your results after everyone else from now on, just to give other players the illusion that they stand a chance of winning, because you’re just too good at this game. :smile:[/spoiler]

P.S. Thanks for including those nifty screenshots.


Let’s see how bad I did today…

Ooh! Just off the mark. What I did: Started at the carpet, left an Enram HV in the basement stairs. I took the long way round to get to the storage room on the second floor, just above Garcia. Knocked out some guards and tech crew, and lured Garcia into my room. Easy kill, moving on. Got his disguise, went to the kitchen. Waited for Novikov and his man to leave me alone after I accidently barged in the room, in full view of the both of them. Oops. They eventually left, and I knocked out anyone who was in the area behind the bar (The 2 waiters, Blue Suit guy, and third waiter chopping stuff. I got my shotgun and left it there. Looked for my tech crew I knocked out earlier, went back to the kitchen, only to find my shotgun was no longer there. I searched around quickly, and finally found the thief taking my gun down the stairs. Hid him, took his disguise to get the gun back upstairs (was sure to hide it in a corner this time.) Got my crew disguise, and took cover behind the bar. Quickly peeked out, shot the two targets, put on a nearby waiter disguise to throw off the heat, and ran for the basement. But, little did I know that the spread of the gun and force somehow managed to get a few non-targets in the process. Really sunk my score.
Well, there’s always next time. It was a good one @David47! Difficult, (almost) impossible to do SA, but fun nonetheless.


You sir, are a God. I was really suspicious seeing your score at the very top; Clean, easy, perfect in every way. But I see everything was justified because you are truly Amazing. :confounded: wow.


:smile: That made me laugh out loud.

I’m glad you enjoyed it, TheChicken. I just read your description and found it very entertaining. I wanted to serve up something a little different, a little messier and more pulse-pouding. But @AGENT4T7 didn’t get the memo; he had to go and be his usual flawless self. :yum:


Yeah, it’s crazy. He knew who the targets were and where they were going – and also how to slow them down and how to grab a waiter’s uniform fast enough to get to the bar first. I didn’t think anyone would have that kind of knowledge about the level. I fully expected everyone to have to shoot them in public. :astonished:


As I said man, I can type very fast and since I save the pictures to my phone, I can literally upload them in the matter of seconds lol and no offense, but how is a video gonna be any more different by “telling the story” ?
videos can easily be messed with just as much as screenshots. But like @David47 has said and I agree. I believe for the most part, we have all been honest here so far. Not to mention we truly have nothing to gain by not being honest. It’s just for fun, the “elusive” thrill.



Next time I’m just going to make it a special condition that you have to kill your target in public with a proximity mine. And at least twenty people have to be looking in your direction when you place the mine. Try getting an SA rank then! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: lol

Oh, who am I kidding? You’ll probably find a way. And on your first attempt, no less.


Oh, stop it now, you think way too highly of me lol


I just tried to reproduce your run, @AGENT4T7 (twice), and, even though I followed the steps perfectly, I didn’t succeed … [spoiler]… because the targets didn’t go to the toilets to be sick.

One did, but the other went to a nearby, guard-filled, hallway to throw up in a bin. So if you did this on your first attempt, you’re not only incredibly skilled, but you have the angels on your side, as well. :innocent:[/spoiler]

Well … the angels of death, given 47’s line of work.


What do you mean?


I mean … [spoiler]… your plan was brilliant, but it also seems like you had a bit of luck on your side, because the poisoned targets don’t go to the toilets (where you can choke them out) every time. For me, one of them keeps going to a trash bin where it’s impossible to subdue her without attracting attention.

You said the targets went to separate toilets for you. [/spoiler]

P.S. I’m doing this because I wanted to replicate your excellent run to post it, for people to see.


Get the hell out! :frowning: Are you serious!?
…hold on, I gotta see this for myself. Hang on…


Yeah … try the contract a couple more times and see if the targets always go to the bathrooms for you. I’m curious, too.

Edit: I just had a third attempt. [spoiler]Same result. For me, one of them is always sick here, in the bin.


So even if other people had had your knowledge of the level and your Batman-like decision-making skills, they still might not have succeeded. lol


What the holy F***!!?!?!?

Wait a minute, wait a minute!! Okay, here is what happened…

I actually played it twice, not the whole contract just up to ‘that point’

The first time, everything happened the same way as it did my first time posting the contract. I poisoned the drinks and when I went to check up on them, BOTH targets again, were in the bathroom like before.

At that point I was like, what the hell is @David47 talking about? The targets go to the bathroom lol

So I restarted the contract again, but this time… YOU ARE RIGHT!? :astonished: How the hell is this possible dude!? This surely is a glitch of some sorts, how can this only work some times???

Well now damn man, I don’t feel good about my win now! :sleepy: I obviously just got extremely lucky then… This was a fluke then, I’ll admit… Idk what you want to do now, as this won’t be fair for future players that do the contract, unless they get super lucky like I did lol that is super BS dude haha and here I thought I pulled off a perfect hit.

There gotta be another way to still get SA man, I’m gonna do a little experimenting here, I’m curious now, for sure.