Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


lol. No, your run is still legit. You should be proud of yourself. Most people wouldn’t have been able to get far enough to be disappointed by the bathroom thing. And definitely not on their first try.

But you clearly had Lady Luck on your side, too. It’s your destiny to be champion, apparently. :smiley:

P.S. I doubt it was a bug that made them both go to the bathroom in your official attempt. There must just be something you did in your first run that altered their routes; something miniscule that we can’t replicate.


Silent Assassin is still possible if one target ends up going to the garbage bin!!!

Note: I tried it three times but it only worked one time out of the three tries (This one really is freaking luck dude. But obviously worked once at least)


[spoiler] in order do this…

  1. Close the door next to the guard

  2. Close door infront of target

  3. Subdue guard

  4. Subdue target

  5. Drag target into bathroom when coast is clear to your left!

    As I said dude. I did this THREE times and only worked ONCE! Looks as if this is total luck man, but maybe one of the stage models on the left saw me without realizing the other two times… Keep trying this method man!


That’s bizarre man :dizzy_face:

But still, try my method up above… It shouldn’t matter if it’s the male or female target. As long as one is at the bin and you do that method it should still work.

Like I said, I did it three times but it only really worked once, but the thing is… At least it worked once, so while it may be random… It’s still possible to do it another way…

Idk though, eventhough I got it, this was just extremely lucky… I still say it was a fluke, even if I do win… This contract is so random, it ain’t really gonna be fair for everyone. Don’t get me wrong it’s a great contract… Just VERY random…


Well, actually … it’s not that random. For most people (like, 99 percent of people) it’ll be very straightforward: kill the two guys in the crowded room with the shotgun, and then get away cleanly, because there’s no other way to kill them.

The only random element here is you. (And I mean that as a compliment.) You’re so knowledgeable about the level that you created a situation that nobody else will encounter in their official run. :joy:


Lmao well It is still random, if you do my method above. It worked once out of the three times so it can be done. Fact of the matter is, I just got SUPER lucky, that is all. It may seem otherwise, but obviously like you said, I did something that caused the AI to react differently each time. Only thing is, I don’t know what… But it worked in my official run! :joy:

I don’t know, I’ll just be critical then and just say, this time I was lucky… Nothing more.

But hey, thanks for the compliment


Yet again… I can type fast…
So I really don’t mind, as it don’t take me long to do. I’m just not all into making videos or making a YouTube account. I don’t care if you think it’s faster, no offense, I just don’t care for it

And yes I did restart the contract…

AFTER my original attempt… After @David47 brought all this to my attention… So yeah, at THAT point I did restart, to test it out…

And please share, what is so ‘obvious’ that @David47 is “afraid” to share?..


How do you place something instead of dropping it? Also, how do you skip the panning shots?


Ok first of all. I never claimed to be a Hitman God here. I even admitted I was LUCKY with this one…

Second… You don’t believe me I got both of them in the bathroom??? Scroll up ^^^
Got the two screenshots to prove it! It CAN be done, it was just very lucky, (which I admit)

Third… Just because you can’t do something another player did, (even by luck) doesn’t mean they cheated! So you can say that’s fishy all ya want.

Forth. Yeah, Hitman is all I play when it comes to games, so that’s how I am able to memorize SOME not all… Some (I even said that before) NPC’s routes, again… Just because YOU can’t do that, or YOU find that “fishy” AGAIN… Does not me I cheated.

I don’t know what you think or want me to say. Yes…
(Not to sound conceded) but yeah, I am good at Hitman, but in no way shape or form am I trying to claim I’m the best in the world at it here. There are MANY people out there that are WAY better than I am. I’m not 1st on all the leaderboards as you can plainly well see if you look.

But hey, since WE can’t beat their scores, then they must have cheated, right?

But yeah… I knew to bump into them, because as I said before, I knew their route from playing contracts mode and Paris itself in the past, I used Boyle in past contracts, and I knew he walks from the red carpet to the bar (which he will then stay at) unless you poison his drink. And according to the contract and how far apart the poison was in the basement, I knew I wouldn’t have made it on time unless I manipulated the AI to slow them down (bump into them on the way down then on the way up) bumping people in the game stops them, if you play the game then you know that. (Common sense)

But by all means… Keep trying I assure you it will DEFINITELY happen (eventually) my screenshots above prove it. And the "additional 10 minutes here, than last contract? Easy!

  1. Sapienza’s target were very easy for me to remember as I explained before. Paris and Sapienza are my two most played maps in the game. The only one that threw me off on that one, was the guy I thought was the fisherman, which it was not (cloned NPCs) but it didn’t matter as I spotted the real target on my to the fisherman anyway.

  2. Yeah it’s true Paris only had 3 targets and Guns 'N Roses had 4, HOWEVER… This contract took more preparation (which you can read if you also scroll up) I had to KO a CICADA guard bring shotgun to bathroom, drop it, go back to guard, retrieve tech suit then run back. Eliminate both targets then hide in closet with final target until guards calmed down by the blasts… So those 10 minutes…? RIGHT THERE!!

So yeah, find it fishy all you want, I’m fine with that :wink:

I’m done trying to “defend” myself. I didn’t cheat, I don’t cheat, I have absolutely NOTHING to gain by cheating. I don’t even “cheat” on the actual Elusives where ‘rewards’ can be obtained, so… Yeah…

But I’m done, this is stupid to argue, you’re obviously just a child… I mean, what?..You can’t do something someone else did and that’s “fishy” to you, basically calling ME a cheater… :roll_eyes: Yeah, obviously not an adult, so I’m done, believe what you must.


Scroll up!! :wink:

You’ll see it!


Here I’ll save you the trouble



Contract made by @David47
Just bumping up the current contract for everyone to see, since all the latest posts.

Sorry for derailing the thread…
Carry on everyone and good luck :slightly_smiling_face:


No not really…
but congrats! :blush:


Dude holy freaking crap… I SWEAR to GOD I didn’t use the emetic syringe! Oh my god lmfao I honestly with I could actually PROVE it to you just to rub your freaking nose in it…

Wow, ok you think that man, but do me a favor? PLEASE keep trying to poison the drinks please, the look on your face will be priceless when you see how WRONG you are :joy::joy::joy:

Take a photo of your reaction!! Oh my god, PLEASE!!!


Alright dude. Lol
That’s fine, you guys believe what you want I’m just cool with that, I’m done trying to defend myself.

Many people on here know I’m an honest person, I wouldn’t fuckin lie about something so god damn stupid. But I SWEAR to you… Honestly, Gods honest truth, I swear I ONLY poisoned their drinks, I did NOT use the syringe. I don’t know what else to say, but I swear you are wrong (I mean yeah, it’s probably possible to do it how you did, but that’s not what I did)
But if you all think that, great.

I’m not saying I didn’t get extremely lucky, cause I did! Quite honestly, I don’t think I could do it again unless I played it a hundred times. Which I’m not gonna do to prove something to you and everyone else “apparently” when I already know the truth.

Sorry you feel that way dude… But I Swear I didnt use the syringe…


Beat my time on Guns N Roses or you suck Travis. :smirk:


Lmao no no, despite what people here may think, I’ll be the first to say, you’re a great player and I don’t think I could beat your time in one go, if anything I’d honestly have to retry a few times and even then who knows…

But I mean who knows… Even if I did somehow beat ya, some people might find it fishy


You can have as many tries as you like huehue


Haha :smile:
Maybe I’ll take ya up on it sometime then, buddy!


Obviously a blind run on the first try…

Sick npc’s ignore weapons on the ground


You have 72 hours Travis buddy, guy, friend


No I mean as I been here for a while and most know I’m an honest and nice guy. Granted not knowing eachother in person but still. And you… Joined what 4 days ago? Please…

And no you are wrong. They DID go to the bathroom dude! SEPARATE ones! Yes, it may of been a rare thing (I AGREE) I don’t know how else to put it or explain how or why it happened, but it did.

Whatever man seriously, I’m done arguing about it. You think I’m lying, fine… I swear I’m not though.
I’m certainly not gonna put up with this bull Everytime though, so runner up can have my next contract to create…

Because next time now, one of two things will happen…

  1. I beat the next contract (it’s fishy)

  2. I honestly would fail and then… (Oh, he failed on purpose now cause last time)

So yeah, no offense anyone, but runner up can have the next one… I’ll be fuckin damned if I’m gonna sit here being called a god damn cheater when I completed it fair and square (luck or not, glitch or not, etc… whatever)

EDIT: @Fortheseven what was your time on that one contract 2:00 something I think? Hell no dude lmao I can tell you right now I won’t be able to beat that lol I’ll try though… :laughing: