Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


2:07, go go go! And don’t cheat this time mate


That’s it Henry!! :joy:


To utterly destroy ps4 players


Isn’t it faster anyway on PC?
For example picking something up you just click, while on ps4 you have to actually hold down triangle.

Don’t seem like much at first, but if a contract requires picking up a lot of stuff, dragging bodies etc. those seconds add up.

Not to mention aiming at times compared to PC is a nightmare from what I hear from some lol

I’ll still give it a go, like I said though :stuck_out_tongue:


There is no picking up a lot of stuff, dragging bodies or aiming required in this contract, stop making excuses already :stuck_out_tongue:


Not excuses mate… Facts! :stuck_out_tongue:


Just saying for the toilet incident Perhaps it is the order you poison them in? If you put the poison in at different times they might drink it in a different order, causing one route to be blocked therefore they go to the bin.


Why would i? Just to beat a peasant??


Ah ok. Maybe @AGENT4T7 bumped into them earlier, slowing their routes, or something similar.


You are saying they both went into the same bathroom, correct?

Okay, now… Look at my pictures and they are obviously in two different bathrooms…
I even posted my load out… I didn’t even have the syringe. So riddle me that one!


No actually, I posted that long ago scroll up. But I deleted it as @David47 asked me to so it wouldn’t give anything away. So I did, not that it matters really.

But I posted my load out (which I don’t normally do in this thread) because earlier we had a poll on special conditions and he made one (red carpet) I even screenshot that. I just did that cause I thought it would be helpful in showing honest sportsmanship…
That totally fuckin backfired though, huh?

But yea, I didn’t have the syringe that is honestly from my original load out. So your “theory” is invalid eventhough ironically my screenshot don’t prove anything either, but wtf…
I can’t prove anything all I have is my word that I didn’t, which obviously means shit so yeah, that’s seriously fine and I’m done :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m probably not going to have time to try the contract before it expires so I “cheated” and read the posts by @David47 and @AGENT4T7 .
Mostly because I saw that the thread had like 70 posts since last night (where I am) :smile:

I’ve also experienced some randomness when it comes to emetic poisoning in the past.
For example some times they choose a different spot because another NPC is in the bathroom they would “normally” use.
And let’s not forget the issue with the lady in a previous contract that refused to drink from her glass during several retries by different people eventhough she drank it in my first run (and when david created the contract).

I have no reason to misstrust anyone and even if someone was cheating I would say that the joke is on them. The whole point of these contracts is to have fun and challenge yourself.
Two cents…


Relax, guys.

@xAndroid47x, I appreciate you trying to protect the integrity of the competition. I really do. I’m glad you’re inquisitive, because it shows that care about everyone else who’s taking part, and that you don’t want them wasting their time.

But, at the same time, @AGENT4T7 has defended himself enough, and I believe him.

Anyone who cheats is just lying to himself, and he’s ruining things for everyone, and I don’t think anyone here that I’ve spoken to so far, or who has been a regular in this competition, would stoop to that. :slight_smile:


I understand your position, but everything has already been said on this issue.

I’m actually very pleased that you’ve both acted in the way you have, because unusually good runs should be questioned, and because people should defend themselves with grace and civility, even if they feel mistreated.

But all points have been well made and there’s nothing to be achieved from prolonging the discussion except bad blood. So let’s see an end to it here.

P.S. @AGENT4T7, next time, just do a shitty job, please. 1/5 stars. It’ll make my life much easier. :smile:


Can someone tell me the score and time to beat? I, like chillyschrimp, have come into the conversation with numerous posts. However, because I want to do a run, I am not really understanding what is going on, except that AGENT4T7 has apparently upset someone with a run? You trying to make me eat my words after failing Hanging by a Thread when I said I wanted to compete with you in the next contract @AGENT4T7?? LOL… it’s all fun mate, just a game we really love to play. After my run, I’ll get caught up on what’s going down…

Score/time to beat? Also, has anyone done SA?


Yeah, AGENT4T7 got a Silent Assassin rank. 161,195 points.


Well here is a bit of comedy to lighten the mood. I recorded to worst score of the round with a 10k score :grin::+1:. It took me 18 minutes to complete and I didn’t even complete all of the tasks, lol. Unfortunately, I didn’t want to upload the video as it was 19 plus minutes long.

I figured out who the targets were and took out Normand Garci first. This was fairly straight forward - I dropped a remote charge in front of him, followed him to the storage area and took him out. Piece a piss and on to the next. William and Dakota were having wine at the bar, so I figured, I’ll get the waiter suit, and poison from the kitchen area behind the bar and poison their drinks when they leave. Problem is, they never leave rage: Finally, after waiting way too long. (I think I nodded off) I said stuff it, took the guys behind the bar out, and the two people in the kitchen. Ran to the shotgun and blasted both targets in the face before making a mad dash to the door. The only problem, I was still in my waiter uniform when I did it, :joy:

Ahhh… the joys of hitman, lol, Great contract @David47.



[spoiler]Shooting them in the face in public was how you were supposed to complete the contract; I didn’t think there’d be another way. So don’t feel bad about that. lol

The main challenge was supposed to be finding a way to do it quickly – while in the tech uniform – without getting killed. The illusion 47 was supposed to be creating was that he was an enraged employee of the target’s tech firm who’d lost his damn mind due to his crappy pay and poor treatment.[/spoiler]


hey guys, so I had no shot unbeknownst to me because I didn’t mess up the targets route in the beginning. GREAT job @AGENT4T7, very impressive run and knowledge of the map. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

So, to me no point in doing a 13 plus min video. I had the plan to do it SA, brought in some breeches, an audio distraction, and emetic syringe…I even left the shotgun out so I’d have room for that stuff just in case. I might try to SA it again sometime.

Here’s my official submission, followed all the rules (red carpet start/loud shotgun):


I’d also like to mention that my own score on the leaderboard (I’m “Achilles_321” – or “123”? I always forget. lol) was achieved from a different starting location. I began in the tech uniform, and, of course, I knew where the targets were so it wasn’t my first try.

And even with those advantages, and practice, I think I got 2/5 stars. Oh, yeah, I’m a master. :smirk:

This contract was supposed to be won by the person with the least shittiest score, but AGENT4T7 foiled my plans by getting an actual good score. lol