Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I really do like this contract. It had me baffled man. [spoiler]I kept waiting for those two knobs to move, but I was just waiting and waiting and waiting but they never moved. I felt like Scottie from Eurotrip…

It seemed to take me a little longer to get the hint than the other players. I’m a bit slow today, lol.[/spoiler]


lol. I used to love that movie. I haven’t seen it in years.

I’m also from Manchester, England, and my family are Manchester United fans, so I liked this.


“The best freakin team in all the land, WooHoo!!!” that’s classic… BTW, does anyone else think that the main MANU supporter looks like 47?? lol


Okay so am I correct, @David47 in that now because I’ve posted my original score for all to see here, I can replay the contract for a better personal, overall score? Or does that come after the contract expires?


You can play the contract as much as you want after complete ong your official run.


As Silverballer said, you can replay the contract as often as you like, and whichever way you like, after your official “purist” run. :slight_smile:

And now you’ve seen some other people’s scores you can see that your score wasn’t bad. I was expecting everyone to get scores like that!

I’m actually impressed nobody died.


The more collateral damage, the more 47 fools everyone into thinking he’s really a psychotic, disgruntled employee, and the harder it will be for police to work out he had specific targets.

So, really, the winner of this competition should be the player with the lowest score and highest bodycount. lol


That’s a great idea (for this contract in particular) I agree! :smiley:


Time for a kill everyone, I guess :smirk:


Yeah, who got the lowest score and highest body count?
Get on it!! Lol


I think we’re joking. Or at least, I’m joking.


Alright, thanks! That’s exactly what I wanted to hear.


@AGENT4T7 @xAndroid47x

They did it. It was about my tenth attempt, and both targets went into separate bathrooms! I didn’t do anything different to normal. At least nothing I’m aware of.

I tried four more times to record it, but they were all fails: one target always went to the bin.

Then on about my fifteenth attempt, total, I messed up the run a bit; I was too slow off the mark. So I ran straight to the kitchen in my ordinary suit, went for the poison, and one of the food-chopping waiters spotted me and came to investigate. I somehow managed to subdue him silently with a corner-cover takedown, leaving his body hidden from the female waiter. I took his clothes, grabbed some poison, and rushed back in time to poison the drinks in the usual way.

Both targets went to the bathrooms again!

So my wild guess is that they choose where to go based on where the waiters in the kitchen are positioned. Perhaps the waiters have to be stood in certain positions for both targets to go to the toilets. And perhaps they went to the toilets in my second attempt because I subdued one of the kitchen waiters. I don’t bloody know, but I did it – twice.

It appears you were just insanely lucky, :AGENT4T7. Like, winning-the-lottery lucky. lol

In my opinion, both of you were in the right. AGENT4T7, you handled people’s scepticism with maturity; and xAndroidx47x, you know that I shared some of your doubts (the run as AGENT4T7 described it did seem impossible!) and I’m glad you’re so intent on stopping cheaters so the competition isn’t ruined for everyone.

Now let that be the end of it. Case closed. Thank God. :sweat_smile:


Dude, he just got lucky. Let it go. It’s only a game anyway.

I’m sure he would have found another way (which he did) if he’d have needed too. If it was me (and I was cheating), I would have thought ti restart but this time find a way to get her at the bin, not to keep trying and trying till I get lucky.


Well THANK YOU @David47 for clearing that up!

I’m sorry how the thread got derailed, I just don’t take kindly of being accused of cheating, when I, IN FACT , did not. I take this thread seriously (the elusive aspect) and I don’t condone cheating either.

As I said and I ADMITTED, yes, I was EXTREMELY luck apparently. But I was being honest as from the get go, as I ALWAYS am. But thank you I’m so glad you experienced this “rare” scenario as well.

Let’s the game continue…

EDIT: wow @xAndroid47x you just don’t freaking quit. Originally you said ITS NOT POSSIBLE, now you say it is. Give it up dude… I admit it is bizarre, I admit, I did it and I can’t even believe it to be honest.
But fact of the matter is… It IS possible, just highly unlikely obviously, but it can happen.

Which I agree I was very VERY fortunate… But I didn’t freaking cheat! So Please shut your damn mouth about that bullshit! You don’t believe me STILL?? Fine that is totally A okay! But DO NOT call me a fuckin cheater just because something highly unlikely just so happened to happen with me my first try. You don’t have to believe that, I understand it’s hard to believe, I know… But, it happened and CAN happen. So please, pipe down now.

So wow… Even with VIDEO evidence you still aren’t convinced? Thank god I didn’t make a video like you suggest i do just to prove you wrong cause you still would have said all this…

Guess you’re not gonna kiss my boots now? :kissing_heart:
Well if I am a “cheater” I guess YOU are a liar… Good day to you sir!


I work diligently for over an hour to find evidence that will settle this dispute amicably, and these reactions are my reward?

C’mon, guys.

@AGENT4T7, to be honest, xAndroid47x had fair grounds for suspicion. Your run seemed impossible for a while, and your knowledge of NPCs and their routes is so extensive compared to almost everyone else’s that your scores can seem implausible. Just look at all the other scores here. Nobody came close to you.

And @xAndroid47x, as implausible as AGENT4T7’s runs can seem, I can’t accuse him of cheating now that I know his run was possible. I can’t persecute someone for being good at the game.

In fact the only fair way to decide if someone’s cheating or not in the absence of further evidence is to put it to a vote. So what do you both say?

Should I make an anonymous poll to see if people think AGENT4T7 is innocent or guilty? lol

Has this forum become like ancient Rome? :smile:

Edit: No takers? Then AGENT4T7 is the official leader.


You can do what ever you wish man, I’m against nothing. But again (to be clear) I even ADMITTED how it “looked” considering you guys tried MANY MANY times and it still couldn’t be replicated, until you finally got it to work obviously.

Yes, I admit, once I heard no one could replicate it I was even surprised. And if the shoe was on the other foot, I’d quite honestly would have my “suspicions” as well. (Although I wouldn’t have accused people of cheating) I can’t explain it, or how you also finally got it to work, but as everyone can now see, it IS possible, it was just the odds were EXTREMELY rare, but could be done. I was just super lucky (which I also said too) that it actually worked on my first try. But seriously now, I really am so over it now, I’m just glad you were able to prove it is indeed possible, people can believe what they want though, because apparently with proof, some people still have “suspicions” and I’m fine with that!

Moving on…


I think @AGENT4T7 did cheat because he is a clown :smirk:


Android seems to have been banned, so we can all move on now.

But as I explained earlier, it’s not possible you cheated using the bathroom method, as otherwise you would have assumed one went to the bin and the other to the toilet and would have made a (flawless) strategy to do that.


:sweat_smile: Fortheseven! Just the guy this forum needs to calm everything right down.

That comment did make me laugh.

P.S. But I read your rap battles in the other thread, too. Maybe that’s why.