Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


In YOUR face man!

The nerve… Call ME a cheater… Pfft!


Haha he can take it from me :wink:


Why do you think Android has been banned, Silverballer?


lol. I just realized that the word “not” is spelled wrong in that Maximus picture I posted.

Never trust the internet.


Wait wait a minute…
Why did he get banned? "Ban Evasion??"

Ha! Just noticed his ‘Name’ is “Soders” how fitting

“He played his hand… (Calling me a cheater)…
And he lost. Still, can’t believe we beat him at his own game.”

…if you know your enemy…

Quite right… Yeah quite right, indeed. Farewell Soders… :hugs:

But really… What’s Ban evasion mean?
Never saw that before…


I think it means it’s a dupe account.


Hmm. Yeah makes sense. I’ve heard of people doing that before but I never saw that term used on a profile…

Wonder who else he was.

No matter!
We’re back in business… Agents, carry on!


A certain dummee springs to mind.


Haha yeah, probably was him :laughing:


Sorry, I’m pretty clueless when it comes to internety things. Does that mean he’s not actually banned? That he’s still here somewhere in the forum, under a different name?


I believe it means he was here under a different account, then he was banned and came back under this account. It’s what happened to Lucifer.

But I’m new here, so I’ve no idea.


Idk either… Honestly it doesn’t even matter anymore we have all went Wayyyy off topic so @David47
Just gonna repost the current contract by you :slightly_smiling_face:


Thanks. :slight_smile:

Since nobody’s posted a video of their run (probably because they’re not too proud of blowing holes in innocent civilians and then running for their lives), I might do an unofficial run of my own and post it before the contract expires.

I’ve actually never played it from the red-carpet starting point, so that’ll be new for me.


One star ratings? Two star ratings? Silent fricken’ Assassin?! Puh-lease.

This is how you roleplay as a disgruntled tech worker with no hope for the future. :smile:


Now the ICA has to send in a cleaner to sort out all this mess lol Good luck explaining this to the board :smile:


No, you’re not too late. It’s nice to have a new participant. :slight_smile:

There’s still some time left before the current contract expires at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST today), if you want to play it. And as soon as one contract ends, another begins!

Just please read the original post – at the top of this thread – thoroughly before taking part, so that you understand the rules. Thanks.

P.S. That video you can see above (with the music) is actually an unofficial run. I was just messing around. I’m not allowed to officially take part in this round because I created this contract and I know too much about it.

People here will help you out if you have any questions.


Welcome to the thread!


Thought I would post a video of my best run for A Wife Scorned. It could be cleaned up a bit, but with the conditions set by @David47, this was the best I could manage. Great contract!


This was supposed to be a dangerous, messy elusive in which you have to kill the targets in public (which it was for most of you), but I didn’t expect it to also turn into such an interesting silent-assassin challenge in repeat playthroughs. I made a better contract than I realized. :smile::sunglasses:

That was an excellent run, CKHall22. Well done!

P.S. Also impressed that you stuck to the purist rules after your official attempt.


Attention, please!

I think the special-conditions feature added in this last round was a success.

From now on, contract-creators are allowed (but not required) to set up to two special conditions.

These special conditions shouldn’t make the contract overly difficult or confusing, and, where possible, they should make some narrative sense, so that this assassination simulation doesn’t become “Arcade Mode”.

E.g. Making 47 shoot a particular computer to destroy the information stored on it is logical.

Making 47 run around a tree three times and then spell out his name using fire extinguishers isn’t. lol