Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Hehehe, hope some people start using some of those narrative-based conditions. I like the sound of a few mentioned here already (leave a coin on a table, shoot a computer…) it adds some extra flair to the contract. :slight_smile:


Great contract @David47 and congrats on everyone who participated in it.

Your next assignment is in Colorado.

NOTE: It is not necessary to do, but smuggling in any sniper rifle may greatly help in your "executions"

HINT: this is very close by to a certain target. Use strategic planning when using, as it could prove very useful.

You have 48 HRS!! This contract ends on Friday, 13th 6pm (1pm EST) good luck agents!


Looks like an interesting contract.


Thanks man. It can be very tricky lol the conversation with Thomas is where I got the idea for the briefing, if you care to listen to it during your run.

Good luck everyone :smiley:


Yeah I’ve heard the conversation.

I love using sniper rifles to create accidents. One of my favourite kills on Caruso is when I shot a propane tank into the vent shaft using a sniper. It was close range though (the one outside), as at long range it doesn’t fall. Never tried it with the lancer though, only the tiger.


Cool, yeah not to mention the lancer could expose you. Best to just use a silenced sniper for something like that.


Yeah but it would be a nice kill, if I could hit the Tank from the main square tower.


Looking forward to trying the new contract @AGENT4T7 !

Since I wasn’t able to try the previous contract in time I had to at least make an effort to complete it :smiley:
My first attempt was a true attempt (with instinct, NPC icons, mini-map off). I think I got a score around 80 K or something like that. A very fun and different contract I must say @David47

So I redid it within the limitations David had stated: red carpet start and loud shotgun.
Best I could manage was 07:23 since one target always chose the bin instead of the toilet.
This is a video of that if anyone still cares :slight_smile:

It felt good managing SA since this was a very challenging contract, especially within this category/topic.

Then I had to try and make faster version so I “cheated” and used another starting location and the silenced shotgun.
I still can’t get both targets to go to the bathrooms but 4:42 was a lot faster than my loud shotgun attempt.

I really hope @CKHall22 didn’t use the loud shotgun in his run since it was only one minute over my best with a silenced one :joy:


Interesting. I really like the backstory on this one… really cool.


Thank you @TheChicken I’m glad you like it. And great run on @David47 contract @Chillyschrimp very nicely done! :+1:

Nice job to everyone, actually and best of luck with your next assignment in Colorado! Looking forward to see how everyone does…

Good luck!
(Ends Friday, 13th. 6pm (1pm EST)


I’ve spent about ten minutes in Colorado, max. So my attempt is probably going to be hilarious.

If I get out alive I’m going to consider it a massive victory. :blush:


Have you played the main mission yet?


No. I’ve done a little perimeter recon and took out one guy. Haven’t been inside any of the main buildings.

If I somehow win you should all be ashamed. lol


You’re gonna struggle tbh without knowledge of the map, but I have faith you’ll complete the contract.


Great stuff, Chillyschrimp. I like how the fashion model didn’t react when you smashed that security guard over the head and then shot-gunned the guy in the hallway in the second run. She must have been playing a really great mobile game or trying to hook up. lol


That was a great run Chillyschrimp. I actually used all of the rules of the contract on my run. Started from the Red Carpet and used the non-silenced shotgun. I wanted to see how fast I could do it within the rules and it wasn’t easy. Great idea @David47 for suggesting the special conditions. It just makes the contract that much more challenging.


@David47 Lol, yeah I actually discovered that by accident in one of my attempts when I forgot about her :smile:

@CKHall22 damn thats impressive, I would love to see how you managed to pull that off. :open_mouth:
Edit: sorry I didn’t see the video you posted.
Wow, great job!


Are there any stipulations with the new contract? I have been working on a Colorado escalation myself, so I have a bit of an advantage with this one, but we’ll see how I run. Cheers!


No, I don’t think so, although it is reccommended you bring a sniper.


Haha I really screwed up on “Good Shot” :joy:

When I started the mission I looked at the map to see where the Militia guy was and got a bit to excited since I know there is a propane tank in the house he’s standing by. Knocked out a patrolling guard and took his disguise and went for the kill, easy peasy!
Then I found Maya in a pretty fortunate position for her kill, I ended her and ran for the exit. Before exiting I got a bit unsure and checked the meny… That’s when I realized the Thomas kill should have been a suit kill, I got a bit irritated and messed around a bit before exiting and got spotted eventually :sunglasses:

Oh well, one of these days I might learn to think before I act…
But it was a good contract @AGENT4T7 I’ll replay it later and try to do it properly this time :smile: