Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Ugh, fail. I played it at last night at like 1:30 and was very careless, subdued the doc before the door was closed. So dumb!

On to the next! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Looks like I won again through sheer dedication because others are playing the “Surgeons” elusive.

2/5 stars. That’s almost average!

Once again, I was unprepared for victory. I’m sorry. I’ll post the next contract ASAP.


Here we go: the third part of my series, “The 47 Inquisition”.

But first, a recap of the story so far:

Part One briefing …

Part Two briefing …

The current contract:

(Yes, I know that 47’s alias isn’t spelled “Reaper” in the game. I made this contract before I’d ever seen the word written down. And it is an alias so there’s no reason the spelling can’t change. :slight_smile:)

Special conditions:

Following his … very polite questioning of Tulio Paluzzi’s sister in an Italian airport, 47 came to two conclusions:

One, that he would have to travel to Morocco and eliminate a man named Mazhar Kattan.

And two, that it would be wise to recover a rare “folding knife” belonging to Kattan, a knife which Kattan himself has apparently misplaced, but which 47 suspects is somewhere in the shop that belongs to Kattan’s law-abiding cousin.

(To be clear, your special objective is to appropriate this knife – the value of which is presently unknown – from the shop situated in the target’s immediate vicinity. If you do not recover the knife then you fail the mission.)

Good luck, agents!

This contract expires in 48 hours, on Tuesday, February 28, at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST).


@David47 Punch glitch and the duck killing the target instead of the propane flask f***** up my run, i won’t even post it. Next time maybe :wink:


lol. I’m sorry to hear that, Bending_Cheese67. But it’s not a lengthy contract. Maybe you’ll feel like attempting a speed-run or two before it expires. The secondary, leaderboard contest can be fun.


@David47 I’ll probably do it tomorrow. :wink:


Attention, please!

Over the past couple of rounds, as people move on to other games and other real-life pursuits, the number of players here has fallen from a few to virtually nil, so I’m going to discontinue the competition indefinitely. Or, at least, my oversight and involvement in the competition will end indefinitely.

If others wish to continue on their own terms, they are more than welcome to do so, but I’d still ask anyone who does keep playing to maintain the intetrigity of the competition and follow the rules stated in the original post,

A massive thank you to everyone who’s taken part and made this idea fun and successful over the better part of the last three months. :slight_smile:


When you came up with this idea I was all in. I loved the concept & the rules & I even won the first one & planned to enter them all but as time has gone on life gets in the way & I’ve found myself with less & less time to play.
I still love the concept & idea so well done for keeping it going for as long as it has. I know maintaining & overseeing the thread is tough. Hopefully this isn’t the end & we’ll see more community elusive contracts soon :slight_smile:


This is my favourite competition :confused:


lol. I appreciate your enthusiasm. :slight_smile:

As I said, people are welcome to continue on their own terms if they so wish. I’ve just decided take a back seat due to the low turnouts.

By the way, as the only person to compete in the last round, you are, officially, the winner. So congrats! :smile:


@David47 What’s the point of winning? The competition is over :sob: :sob:


No need to be sad. :relaxed:

If a decent number of people decide to resume the contest you’ll be the first new contract creator (should you wish it). That’s my final decree as thread creator and moderator. lol

And if attendances rise I’ll probably get involved again.


@David47 Hope the competition gets back from the dead :wink:


I wasn’t able to play this one. And Ya, it seems nobody is playing anymore. It can’t be fun winning when there’s only 1 or 2 other players. Hopefully others want to come back.


I’m in for another contract if @Bending_Cheese67 can post one. I’ll have time later tonight. :slight_smile: Anyone else in?


And it’s also not fair to the contract creator if nobody plays the contract that he or she has put effort into creating. I didn’t mind that nobody played mine, so this felt like an opportune moment to draw proceedings to a close, rather than at the end of someone else’s go.


@xstraightedgedavex If someone else is in I’ll post it :slight_smile:


@D1NGdong @Chillyschrimp @agent47atyourservice.
You guys up to keep this thread alive & play another community elusive target? :slight_smile:


I can do the next one for sure.


Ah man, I’m sorry to hear that. I’m also sorry I haven’t been around this thread as often as I’d like to be. (been very busy with work and other life obligations again)

But I will certainly be back again in the future, once my work load dies down a bit. I hope this thread picks up again soon (I’m sure it will) but yeah, just wanted to thank you for making such an awesome thread and how dedicated you were to it. I had a lot of fun and I know others have as well… So thank you! :slightly_smiling_face:

Again, hope this thread picks up and I’ll see you all in this thread when I can.