Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


If one more person wants to bring this competition back from the dead, i’ll post the next contract tonight


I also feel that I have to “explain myself” :slight_smile:
I’ve been away from home last weekend and this week is quite busy due to the fact that I try to sell my apartment.

I’n sorry to hear that you want to step down as the “manager” @David47 but I understand. Thank you for all your effort!

I’m interested in continuing @xstraightedgedavex !
But as I wrote above, this week I’m a bit busy.


Hey guys! I’m really sorry I missed your contract David, I got busy and forgot that it expired today.

I’d like to keep this going, I have a lot of fun with it!

Thanks for all the work you’ve done David, it’s really appreciated!


Name: Luigi Murder
ID: 2-04-3385349-57

Special Condition: You can’t pacify/kill Mario.
Good Luck, agents :wink:


I followed all the Rules which are no restarts, no mini map, no Npc dots & No instinct.
Got 3 out of 5 Hitman symbols, scored 101,435 points & took just over 5 mins.
Completed all the objectives.
The run went wrong early when I got the turn around glitch with Luigi. I made sure he was over the pile of bricks he stands near in the sewer & made sure subdue was on screen but still he turned around.
Reviewed the footage & subdue didn’t disappear. Grrr.
Rest of the run went pretty well. Killed the guy at the bottom of the stairs after luring him with a coin. Lured the guy who is under the bell onto the stairs & killed him but he saw me throw the axe. Priest was easy obviously. Same technique with the guy in the church. Lured then killed. Quite repetitive how I did it but happy considering the glitch. :slight_smile:
Long Live this thread.


Thanks for all of the kind words, guys. I’ve read all of your messages. It’s nice to know one’s efforts are appreciated, and I’m glad people have enjoyed their time here. I certainly have.

And, even though I won’t be as heavily involved as I have been, due to the decreased turn-outs, I’ll still play and offer input whenever I’m available, for as long as the contest exists :slight_smile:

P.S. Nice-looking contract, @Bending_Cheese67.


I just killed all targets (messily), and now the real challenge begins: finding a way to escape. lol

This is my first time on the map. I have no idea where the keys for the pink car or the boat are located. I’m just hoping I can use the third exit. Going to check it out now …

Update: Thanks to my remarkable map-reading skills, I ran all around the town, looking in completely the wrong area for the third exit, KO’d multiple people, dodged a few bullets, but finally got away.

1/5 stars (or “Hitman symbols” as @xstraightedgedavex more accurately refers to them). lol

I didn’t even get the 20,000 for completing all conditions because I failed to notice that the axe had to be thrown until two targets were already history. Oh, and I knocked out my employer, Mario. A fine day’s work. :upside_down:


That & ebaying are my two contributions to this forum lol.
Unlucky with not noticing the death by throwing. Happened to me last time.
Hopefully a few more runs are to come. :slight_smile:


I’ll get to this contract tomorrow morning.


Hot damn!! Had SA going until the very last guy. (EDIT: actually I forgot, Luigi saw me right from the beginning) He saw me as he turned his head ever so slightly (EDIT: actually looking at my score, i only got the crime spotted notification, I didn’t actually get noticed killing him).

I haven’t played much of landslide so it took me a good while just to find that old axe. I had no idea where it was until I thought “maybe a little common sense would work here”. And it did. lol. Found it.

But here’s my score. 18 fricken minutes. Lol

Video incoming if anyone wants to watch it. (21minutes though. GL with that. lol)


Here’s my full unedited run. I’m actually quite lost in this map (even though I do know where Mario and Luigi are) as I hardly have played landslide. And with instinct off, I have hardly ever used the actual map so it confused me a bit where targets were. Lol.

If you got the Patience to watch it. Speedrun incoming.


Luigi Murder - Speedrun (2:29)


Well that went to shit, as usual :stuck_out_tongue:

I got around 66.000 (over 8 minutes) because I got spotted, body found and noticed kill(s).

I have only played the main mission in Landslide, never bothered to really explore the place, which became obvious when I first tried to locate Lugi and then ran around for a few minutes trying to find the axe…

When I found the Mario Brothers, Mario keep being in the way and eventually he spotted me. While he ran for help a punched out Lugi and dragged him into the crypt.
After I finally found the axe the church staff outside the crypt spotted me when I threw my axe at him (this f-ing head turning man…). So I didn’t really bother trying to “SA” the other targets after that.

But it was a cool contract and I saw a lot of people got some impressive speedruns on it, I’ll try and manage a SA run later. :slight_smile:


Just to remember, someone has to post the next contract tomorrow at 6 p.m. Uk time :wink:


Am I winning? If I am, I can post.

But what’s that in EST? Lol.


@D1NGdong I don’t understand anything about time…


That would be 1pm EST :wink:



Ps, you have a pm incoming soon. :slight_smile:


What’s up?

20 characters…


Ahhh 99k 9 mins n change. I was doing so well too especially cause I really didn’t know where anything was. Anyway good contract I will be playing it again!