Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I love the overarching story you are doing between these different contracts - please keep making them!


Just under 2 hours to go.
This contract expires at 6pm Gmt/ 1pm Est U.S time.
I do believe @D1NGdong is currently in the lead & scheduled to be the the next contract poster. :slight_smile:


Thanks. I really appreciate that. :slight_smile:

Creating briefings – giving context to the gameplay – is probably my favourite part of making contracts. lol

It’s irritating to have only 500 characters to work with, but that also makes it a fun writing challenge.


This Contract has now expired
Thanks to @Bending_Cheese67 for posting the contract & thanks to the agents that took part.
Well done to @D1NGdong who submitted the best Score for an official run.
Feel free to post the next contract when you’re ready.
Where will we go & who will we assinate next agents? :slight_smile:


@D1NGdong Post the contract the soonest you can :wink:



20 characters


Contract: An AXE To Grind
ID: 2-03-4367236-99
No restrictions
Contract expires in 48hrs


I followed all of the rules.

Yes! That’s my best player-made elusive run in a while.

I felt confident, I felt focused, everything went to plan, even though I couldn’t remember where the fire axe was when I began.

An SA rank with 5/5 Hitman symbols in 12 minutes, 4 seconds, and a score of 162,922.


Awesome, David. Would love to see your video how you did it all.


Erm… Saying this didn’t go well is an understatement. I mean I completed it & did the objectives. I just got seen with the fire axe & on camera. Oh & also murdering the targets. Not my 47’s finest hour(or 3 minutes & 39 seconds) I’m going to say my 47 got the flu but he already had this contract & he was like well I can’t back out now but I can’t be bothered with all this sneaking silent assassin shit today so I’m going to murder people with an axe in broad daylight.
So that’s my justification for getting one Hitman symbol but in reality I messed up & this is a one time thing & we can’t always be perfect lol :slight_smile:


Man I’m really starting to hate myself for my lack of patience :smile:

I only got 68.000, I got spotted both targets when the axe flew into their faces. For some reason they both decided to turn towards me when they picked up their coins :imp:
I’m going for SA as we speak…

Very creative contract, I like the use of illegal items when you have the suit requirement :slight_smile:

Edit: 2:59 SA, how the hell did O156147 complete it in 1:24? :blush:


I saw his video on my contract. He is an awesome speedrunner. My speedrun was about 2:26, But I did something very creative on it which probably wastes a bit of time but I like doing some things that are unnecessary at times just so it makes the run fun for me.

Here is my speedrun if anyone wants to watch if you HAVE completed the contract already.


My run was a massive fckp!!! The chef spotted me, someone saw me dragging the target, and i just slauthered everyone whit the axe :smiley:


AXEllent, mate. At least you made it out alive!!


@D1NGdong I’m currently recording a speedrun :smiley:


Don’t sing it…bring it. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::rofl:

Can’t wait to see it, bud.


This Contract expires at 1pm Est/ 6pm gmt
There’s a little under 30 mins left & I believe @David47 is in the lead. :slight_smile:


Annnnd Put down your weapons.
@David47 is the winner!
Congratulations. Great Silent Assassin 5 out of 5 hitman symbols :slight_smile:
Thanks again to @D1NGdong for providing the contract.


@David47 be like


Thanks for making these public announcements, @xstraightedgedavex. I always actually intended for this competition to be self-sustaining, and you (and others) have been doing a fine job of executing that vision.

Here is your next assignment:

Just to clarify, because I don’t think my briefing is terribly clear, your client is a powerful and attractive businesswoman with personal grievances against Erik Olander. She wants to see him receive his grisly comeuppance, and, to this end, the ICA has concocted a plot to make it seem as though Olander was killed by a “psychotic” soldier, with whom Olander already has an established rivalry.

There are no special conditions. Only the rules stated in the original post.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

This contract expires in 48 hours, on Monday, March 6, at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST).