Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


That’s perfect. It’s exactly what I thought when I saw I’d won. :smile:

But there are far worse things to be pulled back in to. Like … the mafia. lol


Just did it. 26 minutes and was on my way out. But I got spotted on the syringe pinch. Was running out and got gunned down. lol. It was a complete hot mess right from the start but I had so much fun trying to survive.

I knew who olander was as I’ve done my own contract on him too so I knew exactly where to start.

But I was basically in combat/hunted mode pretty early. Like 5 minutes in and the remaining 21 minutes was pure chaos. But wow, what super fun I had doing it. Hahaha.


Ohhhh my god! Lmao…so the last two elusives I’ve failed now bc of a breaching charge…last contract I was too close blew myself up this time I placed bc on door but had propane right there. Kaboom! I sooooo wanted to restart n do it again but not fair. I really suck haha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Since I now have HITMAN for PS4, I might be able to play this contract! It’s really a question of whether I can grind fast enough to meet the deadline…


@David47 how to keep competition going: make post stating that competition is closed.


Welcome to the darkside, baller. :smiling_imp:


:smile: Have I ever mentioned that I’m a master of reverse psychology?

Seriously, though … I thought people had lost interest; when I invited people to resume the competition whenever the mood took them, I didn’t think it would take them immediately. lol

But I’m glad it did. And it’s worked out for the best, because now I have less responsibility. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

P.S. Of course, everyone here is glad to have you on board, Silverballer, should you choose to join in.

Happy grinding!


Hello one and all!
Sorry I’ve been missing from here for a long while, I just went on to doing other things, never really got around to playing Hitman again. But, I’m back! :blush:

Technically, I’ve been lurking on this site and this thread for a few weeks, but I just got a bit lazy and haven’t posted my runs or participated in some contracts that were up for grabs. [The action of having to move my screenshots of runs from the PlayStation to the computer and organizing them all probably got to me.] But, I think I’ll start back up again. I missed that last contract; It looked good.
With the magical @Silverballer now among us PS4 users we need to add some more competition. I am here to help (to the best of my mediocre abilities).


I sadly doubt I’m going to get to play this. If I do, it will be the sloppiest run in the history of HITMAN.


Dude, if I show you my run, you’ll laugh your ass off. 5 minutes of cool and collected, then 21 minutes of pure chaos. Lol.

I’d upload the video, but who is going to watch an almost 30 minute run?


Well, considering I have actually yet to unlock the machete, I think this may be rushed.


Ya but machete is what, mastery level 5 in Bangkok? That’s like 20 minutes or less to unlock. It’s not like you’re new to the game. Up to you though.


Yeah, real life commitments are preventing me from playing for a while, then I can’t play after about 7:00 GMT. It’s gonna be a hell of a race.


It’s all good. No worries then. Next one if you can.


Well, I can play now. I don’t have any smuggling locations or starting points except the basic ones though.


The game screwed me over here. It was going so damn well, silently, up until I got to Olander. I threw a wrench to try and make him move, he didn’t react. I threw a breach charge, and he turns around to looks at me and spots me! Wtf? Anyway, I run up to him and kill him, then escape with no problems. But somehow I got a noticed kill? What? Anyway, went pretty well besides that episode. Final score of 95,703. Not 100% sure how I’d get a screenshot from my PS4 to here (I’ve yet to work that out) but you can check the leaderboards for proof.


Click the Share button on the controller. You can capture a screenshot.
Next, get a USB and copy that picture (from the Capture Gallery app) and then you can move it to the computer to post it.


Yeah, too late for that now. Was kind of in a rush anyway.


I f*cked up the contract by throwing the machete to a place where I couldn’t pick it up from :smiley: :smiley:


Presuming the noticed kill was Olander noticing himself being killed because yeah the game does that :slight_smile: