Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Argh, it was stupid. @David47 why couldn’t you have made the kill condition thrown machete haha


Voilà. I believe I was spotted by an inch poisoning the Guard at the front gate from either someone inside the consulate, or a member of the protest. And then later just as I was about to escape, Olander’s body was found. No recordings though!


I didn’t realize I’d made such a difficult contract. I hope you all enjoyed it, though.

The deadline is approaching. I think @Silverballer is the winner (on his first attempt, no less). Nice job representing the Xbox crowd. lol


I SA:ed the shit of the contract for 15 minutes (started in the default location and had to smuggle the machete in the consulate as a guard) and after I threw the machete in the back of Olanders head I realized that it was suposed to be a melee kill :sob:

I didn’t even bother to hide his body after that…

Good contract @David47 !


Right, getting my contract together now. Good thing I made one just in case.


Good evening, agents. Your next assignment is in Sapienza, and the briefing is as follows. I wrote up an extended briefing here because I love writing these things. If this one seems familiar, that because it’s from the other thread (I made it on Xbox a while ago), and it’s a favourite of mine. Hope you all enjoy, and expect to see these contract turn into a series!

Contract: The Great Virus Robbery

Eliminate Gionmario Lorenzetti
Eliminate Prudenzio Endrizzi
Eliminate Archibaldo Nasi
Retrieve the Virus prototype
Do not change disguises

Good afternoon 47. Your destination is Sapienza, Italy, also known as the Jewel of the Amalfi Coast. Your primary target, Alfredo Ocampo, is currently staying here under the alias of Gionmario Lorenzetti. Ocampo is a Cuban revolutionary who has fought against the Castro regime almost since he was born, and has finally found himself a way to get the upper hand. One of his close friends, the hacker known as ‘Whitecap’, has given him information about a virus under development by bioengineer Silvio Caruso that can target any person’s specific DNA and kill them within minutes of infection.

He has hired mercenary Archibaldo Nasi, who has joined Silvio Caruso’s bodyguard force. Nasi plans to steal the prototype Caruso keeps as a safeguard against one of his lab heads, Francesca De Santis, which will then be reprogrammed by your third target, scientist Prudenzio Endrizzi. Endrizzi regrets working on the virus, and in an effort to redeem himself he has joined forces with Ocampo and promised that he will reprogram the virus to Raul Castro’s DNA for him, which Ocampo reportedly possessed in the form of a hair strand.

The Castro government has hired us to take down Ocampo and Nasi, and Ether corporation has also requested that we take down their defective scientist, Endrizzi, and retrieve the virus prototype for them. Ether believe Caruso will keep the virus near or within his room in his mansion, and will most likely be hidden well. Consider breaking some objects, as it may be hidden within one of them. They have also requested that you do it all in your suit, to avoid the blame being placed on Ether. Good luck 47.


An interesting briefing. Nice work.

I’ve never actually retrieved this virus prototype thing before. It’s somewhere in Caruo’s room, right, based on your intel? Am I allowed to know that?


Somewhere in or near caruso’s room. If you’re really struggling, Diana will call the client and request some more research into where the virus could be located. The intel is trustworthy, as it is intel Diana recieved.


Same here. I have no idea where the virus prototype is. Never did it before.


It’s good you guys don’t know. Makes the contract better as you have to locate it using the intel. All the people in the Xbox thread knew.


Went to his bedroom. Shot everything. went outside around. Shot everything. Nothing. Got spotted. Got chased down. Got killed. Lolololol.


Thanks for testing out my plan. I’ll have to try something else. :smile:


Okay, Diana has confirmed that the virus is within the mansion on the 3rd floor, but isn’t in caruso’s room. It should be in a room where there is nobody.


Thanks Diana. But…IM DEAD. LOLOLOLOL


Crap, I should have put that in spoilers tag.


lol. Yep. Too late, though. Put one now to stop others finding out what I know! :stuck_out_tongue:


Ever heard of the term “if I tell you, then I gotta kill you”?
Guess what? :smiling_imp:


I’m having a really good evening :smile: I failed again!
And I got killed at a very random place…

First I went for the scientist, he was very reluctant to inspect my coins so I punch-glitch subdued him in the doorway :smirk:
Then I got spotted by the guard when he decided to look 230 degrees to the left instead of at the coin I threw on the other side of the room. So I had to quickly shot him and run like hell. He had already opened fire so the whole mansion was chasing me…
I knew where the virus prototype was so I took the long way around and though I had lost my pursuers.
Then, while sliding down the pipe at the ICA safe house, for some reason Francesca and two guards where coming up the stairs and they saw me and shot me dead.
I was not expecting that, I thought I was clear since I got out of the mansion :stuck_out_tongue:

Quite a challenging contract @Silverballer but I liked the target selection (and the briefing). I’ll try and make a SA attempt some other time!


Sounds like the game really screwed your over this time around :laughing: I’m currently speedrunning the contract, but I’m leaving out the virus prototype. My best time is 3:33, see if you can beat that.


Nice job, that sound pretty impressive (even without the virus), I’ll try and give it a shot tomorrow :slight_smile: