Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Yeah I didn’t save the video since I didn’t get SA but I could probably made a montage with the Benny Hill theme :slight_smile:

Congrats on another win @David47 looking forward to your contract!


Here it is. Sorry for the delay. I didn’t have anything prepared.

Special conditions:

  1. After killing the targets, place the cleaver you used to kill Lettiere anywhere inside Bosco’s trailer to frame him for the murder.

This contract expires in 48 hours on Friday, March 17 at 6 p.m GMT (1 p.m. EST).

Good luck! :smiley:


Nice idea with the cleaver. Thats quite clever. Me like. Me like. But I don’t think I’ve been in boscos trailer ever cleanly. I always get spotted. So this is gonna be tough.


I got spotted while making the contract. lol

But I have done it cleanly before, so I know it’s possible.


I followed all of the rules!

It’s sure been a while since I got SA on one of these contracts :smile:

The lady was a know target for me, I think she was in an escalation or featured contract I’ve (re)played a lot.
The other guy took some work and then I had to wait for Bosco to get out of his trailer before I could sneak in and plant the murder weapon. I was thiiiiis close to being spotted on the way out. :cold_sweat:

Final score was 167.770 and my time was 07:13 so it’s not great. I had a few ideas that could cut a few minutes on my route…

Fun contract David, I really liked the last part of the briefing :laughing:

Here is a long and boring video of the whole thing:


Great work.:slight_smile:

That’s not how I expected people to kill the male target. Nice trick with the coin, I’ll have to start using that.

Thanks. Diana is a cold, cold lady. I think she surprises 47 sometimes. lol


Did they go flying? Here’s a split second image of the impact…


Ooh, an Icon contract. Nice. I like how you’ve used it.
I’ve tried to make contracts on that map before, but I can’t get any real good targets that have a varied route or special placement.


BTW, I set the contract deadline for 48 hours as usual because most people have voted for that option in the poll above. Although the numbers are close now.


Thanks, I learned that coin trick from some speedrunner, but I can’t remeber who :blush:

It’s quite useful when you need to separate someone from a a group of people since coin throws can be a bit random (imo) in those situations…


Can I just throw it in there??


Yeah, you actually can. Good thinking. Don’t miss, though. :smile:

If you miss and can’t retrieve the cleaver for any reason it’s an insta-fail.

Edit: Sorry, I’ve decided throwing is no longer an option. You have to get in the trailer and place it, guys.


I started by grabbing a disguise, then, with a coin, I atracted her outside the kitchen and pushed her, after, I actracted him too and killed him with the clever that I placed in Dino’s van after, got spotted while escaping :sob: :sob: :sob: :sob:
4 hitman symbols
I’m going to do a speedrun now


I really want to do “It’s Just Business” but I’m an xbox user :sob:


Recreate it then 202020


I’ll do that. I don’t know if I’ll be allowed to participate but hey it’s for fun


What?! I thought it was required to “place it” :grimacing:
I could have saved a lot of time since I waited for Bosco to leave :smile:


You’re right. I did use the word “place”, didn’t I?

Sorry, I didn’t really think about this. lol

OK, you have to get in the trailer and place the cleaver. You can’t throw it. To be fair to Chillyschrimp.

Unless of course you read my previous message and have already thrown it; in that case it’s my fault and your run counts. :smile:


Naaah I don’t mind if people throw it I was actually thinking about doing that myself but didn’t wanna risk missing.
Come to think of it, how should someone that throws it prove that it landed in the trailer? :smirk:


No, thinking about it, getting into the trailer undetected was supposed to be part of the challenge.

Throwing the cleaver from the steps could be too easy, so I’m going to say you have to actually enter the trailer and place the cleaver for your run to count. Plus, the cleaver crashing through the hole would probably get the attention of the guards outside the trailer’s front door in real life. 47 would have to place it manually. And as you said yourself, it might be hard to determine whether a thrown cleaver actually landed in the trailer.

Sorry for the confusion, guys. Throwing the cleaver through the hatch didn’t cross my mind until it came up here. You’re all too creative. lol