Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Sorry, Remedy. I wish it were easier for everyone to take part.

I’m glad you like the look of my contract, though, and I’m sure everyone here would be interested to know how you did if you decide to recreate it on Xbox and give it a shot. :slight_smile:


Going in real soon for my attempt. Wish me luck. That cleaver drop is gonna kill me probably. :rofl:


Good luck!

Getting into the trailer is actually pretty easy. You just have to do a Lara Croft swan drive from the clock tower and tap the circle button at the last second so that you land in a roll as you pass through the hatch. lol

And rolling with meat cleavers on your person is dangerous, so be careful. :stuck_out_tongue:

(No, really, there is a pretty reliable way to get in there undetected, but I can’t mention it for fairness reasons.)


Bastard!! I was starting to believe what you were saying until you said swan dive. I was like “is he really going to tell me an easy way to get in?” :joy::rofl::joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


I can’t believe nobody’s figured out 47’s swan dive move yet. I do it all the time to escape Caruso’s mansion by diving into the sea and swimming to the beach or to the speed boat. Finally, something I know about this game that others don’t. lol


Here’s my score.

First; the contract, make sure I did the right restrictions + the cleaver in trailer.


What I did:

Started with the default loadout but instead of fiber wire, I used remote breaching charge. I then blew open the door and grabbed the security disguise. I ran up and grabbed the cleaver and lured Wilde to the stairs. After pushing her off, I use the coin trick to lure Lettiere to the stairs and killed him with the cleaver. I quickly grabbed his disguise and ran in and out of the trailer using the hatch. I dropped it once I landed as Bosco was about to come in. I ran to the doors as much as I can, and I got a pretty impressive score.


Well done. I hope you enjoyed playing (and making) it. :slight_smile:

I also like your Xbox nickname, “PyroTheRascasl”. lol


Well, I tried & died. Both targets down I just forgot that Bosco might actually be in his trailer when entering. Dropped the cleaver & climbed out but was shot dead.
Well I tried… :slight_smile:


That was unlucky.

Damn you, Bosco! Your lazy ass should have been working. Why do they pay you those millions? lol


Didn’t get a chance yesterday to do it. But on my way to do it now before the et begins.


Ouch. (5:55)


Unlucky. I like that you blended in as a chef. That’s how I intended the contract to be roleplayed. :slight_smile:

I never risk going for corner-cover takedowns. I always time them wrong. I thought attempting one was going to be your downfall, but someone just spotted you do it.


Hah. That blend was an accident. I wanted to pick up the cleaver. I knew only the other Kitchen assistant was the only enforcer there for me.

I could have been wallhacked or cleanly spotted. Wanna do that again but doing the et now. I was kinda in a rush for the et. So maybe that was my biggest downfall. I really wanted to see how I’d do at the trailer again. Lol


Absolutely Terrible.

EVERYTHING WENT WRONG: [spoiler]Firstly, I tried to get Sophia first, I took too long to distract her, so she moved on to the gas lamp area and never moved. I figured I could still blow it up, and she’d be the only one to die. I was wrong. 3 other people did too. I got the cleaver and used it on Camillo; Well, after I poisoned his drink first. I got him fine, but a guard miles away up at the top of the staircase saw me [while Camillo was puking in a porta potty. I didn’t bother hiding his body at that point.] I changed into a crew member’s disguise whom I had knocked out. Somehow, the guard walked up to me after I had changed and it went back into combat. I ran for the trailer’s ladder, going in through the roof. Of course, someone saw me going in (because they were on high alert I guess) and out of panic, I picked up the keys, couldn’t get a good spot to place the cleaver on the table so I placed it on the floor. Two guards and Dino came rushing in after me, so I knocked all three out. Took a guard’s disguise, ran for my suit which I left beside the ice cream shop, changed into that and escaped in the car. And the game never took me out of Combat. [because It kept displaying “Combat” when I changed into a new disguise, even when around a corner, when no one could see me.] I had a great plan planned out (I knew exactly how to get in the trailer), but tricky, cheeky, eagle-eyed security ruined it.

TL;DR: My Plan Failed Miserably And I Was Hunted Everywhere.[/spoiler]


From what I can tell only @Remedy got a better score than me but since he is on Xbox does that mean I won? :thinking:


That means you probably won.


You won. Xbox players can’t win officially, and Remedy created the contract before his attempt, which means he technically had two tries.

That’s not to take anything away from you @Remedy, you did exceptionally well. :slight_smile:

It took me a few goes just to create it. lol


lol. Well done. You definitely win the prize for most entertaining run.

And you poisoned Lettiere. Thank you!

The guard who spotted you is tricky. He turns and looks down the alley periodically, but he’s hard to spot from the alley because there’s a plant in the way.

I either killed Lettiere while he was walking to the toilet and dumped him in the alley bin, or waited for him to finish throwing up and lured him into the cafe basement.


Your next assignment is in Marrakesh

Contract expires on monday 20th at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST)


Yay, I can play this one. Looking forward to giving it a go.