Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Diana seemed cold-blooded in my contract, but now she’s just having 47 kill people who annoy her.

I think the power of having the world’s best assassin at her command has gone to her head. lol


Yeah … no.

The downside of going for the patient approach is that if things still go to crap you have a hopeless time to go with your hopeless score, and therefore zero chance of winning. :blush:

Because these targets are so tricky, I might have been better running and gunning and getting a quick time.

Part of the reason I got collateral damage is because I decided to use the proximity explosive duck for perhaps the first time ever. The thing had been sitting on the shelf so long that it was starting to lose its yellow sheen.


I’m remaking this one on Xbox. I’ll use ducks, then find a way to SA c;<


I got 125,690. The Targets seemed to have randomized routes, and I couldn’t manipulate them. Doesn’t help that the one I could get to a secluded area did a 180 punch glitch when I tried to kill him.


To bad you got the glitch :confused:
But you are the current leader!
Yeah they are tricky but there is actually an “easy” way of getting SA on this contract :slight_smile:

So I finally found a way to make a contract where patience doesn’t pay of? :wink: @David47


I propaned two of them.


I killed one target cleanly, and then it was my commitment to using the proximity duck that really ruined my run. I was half trying to prove to myself that I could use it effectively.

I could not. And a poor mechanic paid the ultimate price. lol

Looking forward to learning this easy way of getting an SA. I’m going to guess it involves using more sensible explosives that proximity mines.


I’ve got a video on how to get SA @ 2:39 ready to show when the contract expires :wink:


The contract has expired and @Silverballer is the winner!

Congratulations and well done!

If anybody is interested here is a video on how I intended this contract to be played:


Oh, looks like I won. Wasn’t expecting this.


Here’s my contract…

Les Impardonnables
ID: 2-02-2098068-64

I’m quite proud of the suit only gameplay on this one. You probably won’t need SA to win this one: it’s a fairly hard contract.


Wonderful, wonderful contract @Silverballer!
I will play this one again, I’m sure. For now, here is my official score:

My run went quite well in the beginning… until I was too sloppy hiding a body. (either that, or the AI was too sharp.)

I took out Pierre first, I think. The one near the Palace gates? His placement messed me up [also probably because I refused to change out of my suit, so I had "Trespassing against me as well.] I had so many guards to get through to get to him. I lured about 2 guards behind some cars, knocked them out and hid them behind the said cars. I had used the remote distraction device but unfortunately I encountered the telepathy bug where if you knockout the one guard investigating the device before he picks it up, the next person immediately notices the noise and checks it out in his unconscious friend’s place. So, a guard came as I was moving a body, so I quickly dropped it to avoid losing both the Bodies and Spotted bonuses at once. He went to find the device on the floor, but of course saw juuust over the car at the bodies before he got to the device. I dispatched him, and went for Pierre. I moved around the shed to jump over the railing, and of course a guard was patrolling around the shed and saw me. He was isolated enough and I had already lost my Spotted bonus from him so I did a head-on KO. I distracted Pierre and took him out. I then went for the model next. I planned to lure him into a bathroom as he left the runway, but I failed to look at my map and notice that once I started to knockout the Mansion staff in front of the Bathroom, he walked off the stage towards me. He saw the body, went to go get a guard (near the kitchen entrance) and I followed him. He just got to the door of the kitchen when I tried to shoot him, but the moment I took my shot he opened the door and the other butlers saw me through the slit in the opening door [there goes my Noticed Kills bonus!]… I was Hunted. I ran for the Garden, as I knew that Target well and he would be easy. Pushed him into the river, and then went to the attic. Easy peasy, nothing special after that, and I made my way out of the Palace through the basement.

Sorry for the ramble, I just really like to be descriptive sometimes. Once again, really good Contract. I know I can improve my run. :+1:


May I know the targets so I can recreate on Xbox?


One target is a model called Mathias Labelle: you can see what he looks like from the pictures. Target #2 is the guard at the end of the pavilion who looks over the Siene. Target #3 is a guard in the attic, if you enter via the bad auction staff guard’s entrance then he will be the first guard (with his partner) that you come across. Target #4 is in the parking lot, but in a non-trespassing area: he will discuss the safety of the pavilion with his partner.


Damn, I missed the last contract. I really wanted to kill those carpet pushers. I just didn’t have the time to play it in time. I’ll take a shot at this one in a couple hours.

Good contract, @Silverballer. Looks very interesting.


I followed all the rules.

Another stupidly patient run, as you can see from the time. Almost got an SA but got spotted in the attic by a guard I’ve subdued silently a hundred times :confounded:. Still, I’m pretty pleased with my score. I had no flow whatsoever, I was doing laps of the chateau, but it felt pretty clean. lol

Two fibre-wire kills, one headshot, one guy drowned in the river, escaped in speedboat.

@Silverballer, just to confirm, we were allowed to change outfits, weren’t we? You didn’t set a condition against it this time. Because I dressed as a waiter to clear my path to the fashion-model merc.


That was allowed, although I did intend to change it (but I forgot).


It was still a fun challenge. Being able to change outfits only really helped with that one target, and it didn’t make getting to him too easy. I still had to take risks.


Got SA/SO. This was a lot easier than I thought. Really fun. Especially the model. But he was difficult on how to get until I realized his cycle from watching the map over and over.

I would have had a full video but someone called me and I had to take it. 25 minutes later, and missed a big chunk of the beginning. That’s ok, I only wasted time in between the first guy (the guard close to the red carpet entrance which is used for the decker opportunity), and the model.

But here’s the video basically starting how I got the model. It’s only about 9 mins since that phone call ruined my vid. Dang. But this was a fun contract @Silverballer, good job on these targets.


That was a really cool contract!

I nailed it up until the model guy… I got a bit cocky after dealing with the other targets without problems and without spoilers I can say that I got spotted and lost a bunch of points. I had to wait for everyone to stop freaking out and another runway cycle before I could take him out…

I’m currently last on the leader board but I’m about to change that :stuck_out_tongue:

Now I feel so much better…