Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


I followed the rules

@Silverballer Was almost entirely sure I knew who he was based onthe shirt colour and his smoking description. Would definitely have a better time if I didn’t roleplay a bit, but I couldn’t resist taking a stroll through Sapienza.

Edit: Also sorry for my above redacted post, for some reason I forgot that we haven’t needed contract IDs for months.


I swear, just, I believe there is another guy in the mansion that looks like that. I think he’s outside the entrance to the VHS room.


The guy outside the VHS room is only there on pro. This is one of two white shirted guards viewable from the ruins, to my knowledge, the other one being on the ruins bridge just below the tower.

Edit: Checking for myself here, there’s actually two more in the main backyard area that I didn’t know about. There’s also one on the opposite tower, but I figured it wouldn’t be him because he’s never alone and never does the lean animation.


Ahh ok.



I’ve thought about doing something like this myself, @Silverballer. My idea was to have the player follow clues in the environment to identify the target, a bit like “Hitman” crossed with “The Da Vinci Code”. I may try it out if I ever manage to win again. lol



I thought I was going to hate this, and during I was a bit stumped because I thought I screwed myself over by starting with the sniper rifle in the ICA safe house. I thought to myself as to how am I going to move this sniper in my suit and if I have a guard move it for me, it’s going into the mansion and I can’t enter to recover it.

So I tried a couple of things, took a few VERY dangerous chances and ending up finding him because I just so happened to remember where he could be based on my extensive playtime on my favorite map. And I just so happened to find him by accident because I was a little frustrated that I was stuck about my position while with the rifle.

Also, I want to mention that you said in the rules that we can’t enter Caruso *mansion. But we are allowed on the grounds, correct? If so, I passed. If not, I failed. I didn’t enter his mansion, but I was on his mansion’s grounds.

I’m uploading the video now. Ill tell you where to start from and you can tell me if I passed or not so you don’t have to sift through the entire run.


Well, the mansion includes the grounds. What part did you enter?



Here’s the vid. Start at 14:30. And watch until I kill him. Cuz to me, the mansion and the actual grounds are separate. Even the side house aren’t technically the mansion. But if that was your intention, then I got confused. And I guess it’s considered a fail. :frowning:


Sorry, that’s a fail. I was tired when I made the post, could’ve been clearer.





I followed all of the rules!

Not that I matters since I was spotted by a guard in the ruins :upside_down_face:

He almost spotted me when I was going into the ruins from the lab. He investigated the area but I managed to dodge him.
I was thinking about knocking him out but since I didn’t have any throwable object I didn’t wanna risk karate chopping him on the slope up to the ruins.
In hindsight that is exactly what I should have done since he spotted me when I went for the exit :smile:
I also spent a little to long looking for the target from the vantage point. There are too many italians dressed in wife beaters in the mansion!

135,205 point… sigh


I thought the target was Roberto Vargas. Guess I was wrong :smiley:


That was actually my guess before I opened the contract, unique npc and all.


@Silverballer, I haven’t unlocked the best sniper rifle in the game. Do you recommend I bring the long-range unsilenced rifle or a shorter-range silenced rifle?


Short range sniper will do.


OK, thanks. That was a quick reply!

I wasn’t sure I’d be able to identify this target or even make the shot if I brought the short-range rifle.


Lucky timing I guess. Yes, you should be able to identify using the short range one. Binoculars would be great for this contract.


Yeah, they should really include them in the game. Then we could identify targets at distance without having to sneak a great big uber-illegal weapon around the level. lol

Hopefully we’ll get them in Season 2, with the much-requested briefcase.


I followed all the rules.

I ruined my chances at a good time by not bringing a breaching charge or scrambler device to let me blast or hack my way into the Ether lab through the side door at the cliffs, and I ended up backtracking to the church morgue to pinch the guilty lab scientist’s key-card.

That aside, everything went well, and identifying the target without the map was a lot of fun and made the hit feel very authentic. :slight_smile:


You could’ve used the explosive golf ball to blow up the cracked wall.