Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


[spoiler]I actually don’t know where that is, so it didn’t cross my mind. lol

I’ve never used it. I’ve noticed it a couple of times while inside the lab, but never outside![/spoiler]


It’s where De Santis meets the detective during ‘A Case Most Peculiar’.


Hey guys, I followed all the rules. Had a gameplan before I went in because I was pretty sure who I knew the target was. Did it while streaming which was fun and thought I had a good time, but I know not fast enough! Good contract @Silverballer!


Unlucky @hitwoman47, you were beaten by less than a second by @justnobody!


I know if I hadn’t crouched for the last half LOL I woulda had it! I thought maybe this was my god run haha! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Still fun I liked the restrictions


Unfit Managers

ID: 2-08-6755872-23


They have nerfed the best sniper in the game.


Oh, have they? What did they do it? Reduce its range or something?


You don’t know about wallbangs?


You can’t kill people through walls anymore? I never did that anyway because I don’t use instinct. Ever.

P.S. Nice video, though, @Fortheseven. I can see how “wallbangs” would be a loss to you creative killers.


Are you just roaming the forum looking for a opportunity to complain about the nerfed lancer? :wink:


I followed all of the rules!

I used an good old tactic for Dexy from a previous contract/escalation but I’ve never dealt with Mrs Mookjai before.
After Dexy was gone I resorted to the FE and nearly got spotted by a guy in the reception desk.

A pretty boring tactic overall but it was a fun contract @justnobody !

Here is a video of how I did it, please don’t watch if you plan on playing this contract:


Very nice, that close call with the receptionist must have scared the shit out of you.


2:12? Wtf?? LOL!!!

I have no idea where Dexy is to start so no point in doing this contract. Won’t beat this time. Haha.


Come on, the point is the fun.


Ok you’ve convinced me. That’s more than enough incentive. :+1:


Prepare for my awful run tomorrow. Hopefully the filming works better than last time. Lol.


Hi everyone, you’re probably asking where i’ve been for the last month, well… I bought hitman for the pc, and I haben’t played ps4 much, but from now on I will recreate most contracts on pc :wink:


Did my run. Killed Mookjai without issues. But Dexy was my issue. I had no idea where she was. Eventually found her, got spotted and shot down. :dizzy_face:

Did end up doing a speedrun though after finding out where Dexy starts. The reason i never knew this is because I always start my contracts in Suit.

But nonetheless, here’s my SA speedrun (1:17)
Can’t believe I did this (SMH).


I followed the rules.

A little sloppy, but I didn’t have any experience killing these two, so I’m reasonably pleased with myself.

Did you forget that we’re allowed to look at the pause-menu map? The only reason we weren’t allowed to last week was because it was one of Silverballer’s special conditions. :