Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Well like I said I’ve killed her numerous times in another contract (or escalation I can’t remember) so she was a “easy” target :slight_smile:
Nice speedrun by the way, very rekky :stuck_out_tongue:

And you are right @justnobody I got that familiar feeling of “ok now I’ve screwed up yet again!” :slight_smile:


Another PS4 soldier lost WTF man :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Playstation is still better that xbox :wink:


Haha. Ya, I did forget. Since I’ve haven’t played these since silverballers (a good week or so since), I guess I forgot the rules. Lololol. But I knew her vicinity anyways. It was just locating her that took me some time.


I think both XBOX and PS4 are equal.

is at gunpoint


I followed the rules.

This run was basically a speedrun. I used such cheap and easy tactics, I feel guilty submitting it, especially considering the first 30 seconds I’ve done before Exactly the same in another contract. Mookjai didn’t take much adjusting so I was able to do it in a speedrun-worthy time.

Here’s the video:


Nice route. You could clean it up a bit and shave off some good seconds, for eg. toss the BC before you shoot the last camera so the guard is out of your way the moment you take out that cam so you have no waiting. But I really liked your route. Good job!!!

With speedrunning, you always have to think 2-3 steps ahead. For eg. Like try utilizing steps 2 and 3 before completing step 1.


I could make it faster, but I was improvising after killing Dexy, and there’s no restarts so I wanted to be safe.


Here’s my run of Unfit Managers, I didn’t followed any rules:


Should I post my contract today?


Monday at 6pm GMT (1pm EST) is the deadline. So anytime after. Anybody else can still play if they want, but I doubt anyone will beat your time.


Ah, so it’s Monday. Thanks for clarifying. How would you get screenshots from your PS4 to your phone?


I have made a separate twitter account where I can upload pics from my ps4 to there, then download the pic off of twitter to my camera roll then upload from my phone to here by changing the mobile website to desktop view.

Let me know if you need better instructions. I can help, if need be.


Is there any way of accessing your activity feed from PS4?


Not sure. I don’t use it.


Just wanted to let you guys know that I added all of my PS4 contracts to


@Silverballer, you can add your contract anytime. The sooner the better asnit will still expire on the next Monday at the same designated time.


Oops, I forgot. Still having trouble with screenshots so again a name will have to suffice.

You Only Die Twice

This contract will end at 6:00 PM on Monday.


I followed all of the rules.

SA, 8:33

So I want to just throw this out there, I got kind of intoxicated right before this and I think I look a little silly trying to ID the first target.


I followed all of the rules!

I enjoyed playing this contract, mostly because I got a pretty good “flow” even without being sure where the targets where before starting the contract.
I admit I resorted to the most boring of kills once again (I don’t have a creative side in me unfortunately)…
I also got a non-target kill :frowning: which I guess is karma for using the FE method :blush:

No way near top of the leader board but I’m happy with the run anyway!