Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


Well maybe not on the leaderboard, but you’re winning here going by score even if you got the non-target kill.


Hmm you’re probably right… I just always assume that people wait to upload their results so I don’t like to claim to be the leader unless I’m top of the leader board in game :slight_smile:


Just did my run.

11:06. Would have had SA but I forgot delete the evidence. And I even left in the damn basement. What an idiot I am!!
Final score: 98,336


I followed all the rules.

Very happy with my performance. I really tried, and, as 47 strolled calmly and confidently out of the front gates, I thought I had a shot at winning … then I came here and saw that my time (a very quick time for me!) was destroyed. Some of you guys are just too good.

I even happened to start in the waiter’s disguise and bring along lethal poison, making killing the primary target as quick and easy as possible. But no. Even luck couldn’t help me. lol


Hey guys finally got around to playing again! I followed all the rules

I need to definitely go back and make a better run at it, fun contract thanks for posting!


So @Chillyschrimp, what have you got?


Sorry guys I’m out if town so I can’t post a new contract until tomorrow.

If anyone has a contract ready I can forfeit my turn.

If no one has posted a contract before I get home tomorrow I’ll make one.


I think we can wait for your contract tomorrow. But if it isn’t posted by 1pm EST, I will post one. Muhahahahaha. :smiling_imp:


Challenge accepted! :grin:


Ok I managed to Make something:

Z is for zorry I misspelled sorry

Takes place in Sapienza
Take note of diguise requirement
No other special requirements for this contract.

Sorry for lack of images and briefing :slight_smile:


I followed all of the rules.

Well I, um, I completed it.

Final score 60,753


Lol, I’m very familiar with that “f*ck it all” attitude after you got spotted. That could easily have been one of my videos :smile:


I followed all the rules.

[spoiler]I’m never going to be a speed runner, but for a tortoise-paced roleplayer, I’m pleased to say that my good form has returned. I believe that’s my third SA rank in a row. Score: 158,146.

I figured out a plan in my head before starting and, luckily, it worked, despite a great big tree ruining my desired sniping spot. :slight_smile:[/spoiler]

Edit: Sorry, the sound is a bit out of sync in places. I don’t know why that is. I’m a total computer novice. If there’s not an “auto-fix” button, I’m lost. lol


Thank you for showing me where that destructible wall to the laboratory is. I think I’m the only person here in the forums who still didn’t know. lol


No problem, glad I can be some help.


That was a very intricate (I hope that is the correct word) and creative solution. Well done! :slight_smile:


@David47 You’re currently number 1, you will probably win so… do you have a contract ready?? :wink:


I haven’t played yet and am gonna try now. I totally forgot about it. Going now. Going now. Going NOWWWWWWW.


This was too easy. :slight_smile:

But when I completed the run, I pressed the share button and pressed TRIANGLE to save a screen shot. Pressed O to go back not realizing I didn’t save the video. Damn it. And I like saving these blind runs.

So I made a speedrun video of what I did. Even with all the mistakes. Lol. It’s uploading now but here’s my score.

EDIT Here’s what I did. Just note 1 thing, when I used the emetic on the flower guy, I thought he would go to the bathroom near the kitchen so I actually waited there for about 3-4 minutes cuz I did one time emetic syringe the cyclist, and that’s where he went, so I assumed he would go there too. So wasted time. Had a Plan B and it worked out just fine. Everything after worked exactly as is. I even showed my fuck ups cuz I felt a little pressure trying to complete the contract before the expiration time plus trying to beat @David47 23 minute run.

But all in all, considering who the targets were, this turned out very easy as I’ve done these targets plenty of times, plus when I saw David’s time, I knew I would have more than enough time to do the flower opportunity.

Anyways if anyone wants to watch it, it’s here. Had to make 2 parts so it saved some time with waiting for “hot garbage” man to puke. Lol

Was fun to do anyways. Sometimes easy can be really fun.
Excuse the very very end. Done on purpose to not change my time. :slight_smile:


Hope you have a contract ready :wink: