Player-Made Elusive Contracts (PS4)


You can post a new contract in 10 minutes (I think)


I think it’s time for @D1NGdong to post the new contract :wink:


I’ll have one in an hour. Got caught up with something.


Ok m8 :wink: 20 blind runs


Ok here’s the new contract ladies and gents.
As is
Contract closes 1pm EST. Monday May 8th.


I posted my run (with my fuck ups) in my original post with the final score in it. Scroll up to find part 1 & 2 if you wanna watch what I did.


@David47 @justnobody

I watched both of your runs. Very dangerous approaches.
1st, David. Shooting that FE from that distance without any zoom? Impressive. But dangerous. What if someone was near or passing by? Ballsy.

And Just, entering carusos place as the street performer? Crazy. I like your balls (edit: I just realized that came out wrong. Hahaha), but without instinct and minimap, I think it’s just too hard. Nice end though. Just got around the corner. Lolol.


I followed all of the rules

Final score 65,934

Sigh. Of course I forgot the big, open window where everybody on the balcony can see through. Another “technical success”.


Agh I know it was ballsy, but if I had just been a little more careful entering the room with the girl I would have been fine. I guess based on my attempt at your contract, I clearly haven’t learned lol.


What? I got ebayed?! Damn it. I spent a couple of hours on Saturday creating a vampire-themed contract with special conditions for you all. It took me ages to “win”! Now you’ll probably never see it. :cry: lol


If you post it to the contracts thread, I’ll probably play it later (love me some vampire missions). Special restrictions and all.


I don’t want to have to create something new if I ever do win again, and this contest is the only reason I play the game now, so I’m going to save it, and I’d actually appreciate it if people didn’t play it yet.

Thanks for your interest, though. :slight_smile:


Sorry man, if @Bending_Cheese67 didn’t bump the thread, I wouldn’t have seen it and would have forgotten which would have given you the win. Haha.

But that contract was too easy. The butler is the flower opportunity and the street performer is get the free disguise from Rocco’s room then emetic his drink.

The only issue I had was not bringing a gun with me and then getting spotted 3 times by cams all over the mansion. Lol. But I knew an easy out for that as seen in the video. :slight_smile:


I was actually gonna make my current axe contract vampire magician as the disguise.


Ha. No problem.

Easy for some of you guys, maybe! I don’t play the game that much. I don’t play escalations and I haven’t even got full mastery on three maps. I have to work hard to win with my methodical approach. lol

Translation: Methodical = slow.


I guessing one of them is Hokkaido since you brought a no zoom sniper rifle? Cuz then I’m sure you would have brought the 3 zoom w300. But either way, impressive aim. I couldn’t even see that FE. Bonus points for that aim and hitting it with 1 shot.


Thanks. Yeah, I definitely would have brought a better sniper if I’d had one. I think my nose was about five inches away from the TV when I was lining up that shot. lol

I’m proving my inexperience again, right now, as I play your contract. I’ve spent about 10 minutes looking for a fire axe and I still haven’t found one. I’ve ended up circling back to the front of the chateau to get the only axe I know exists, the axe I used in “Everybody Pays”, which is the first ever contract posted in this thread.


I followed all the rules.

My fourth SA in a row. Woo. Although the way I achieved it offends my roleplaying sensibilities. In fact, it doesn’t just offend them, it rugby tackles them to the ground, kicks them hard in the unmentionables and then skewers them with a particularly gnarly medieval spear. lol

I absolutely abused the coin trick to lure the guy all the way to the attic. Took me five to ten minutes. All credit for this result goes to @justnobody, whose video for the previous, Sapienza contract taught me how to pull off this silly but effective manoeuvre. :blush:

P.S. I just want to add that, even though I sometimes “like” people’s videos as soon as I see they’ve been posted, I never, ever watch them until after I’ve made my own, blind run. I’m fully aware of the fairness rules (as I should be, since I created them, lol).


Haha nice. But noted, no coins allowed for my next contract. Muhahahahaha. :smiling_imp:

It just ruins contracts, tbh. Damn you, @justnobody. You’re a bad influence. Hehe.


I’m totally with you, D1NGdong. I don’t like using gamey tricks. I hope this ability is nerfed by the developers. But as long as it exists, and as long as others are using it, and as long as people are ebaying me at the last minute, I have to seize every advantage I can to claim this elusive victory. lol

P.S. If they want to, in future, contract creators could make “don’t use the coin trick” a special condition.

@D1NGdong. So you didn’t use the coin trick to get an SA yourself? I have no idea how you did it!