Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


UPDATE: @Zevoros-TragicVelony is now hosting this thread. He is in charge of enforcing the rules and ensuring contracts continue circulation.

This thread is the Xbox one equivalent of @David47’s Elusive contracts thread. This competition will follow the same rules as @David47’s competition and contracts will be posted in unison with his competition. I will post the first contract on TUESDAY to keep in sync with the other elusive contracts, and the contracts will be different to the PS4 contracts. PS4 and PC players are welcome to take part, but as with the PS4 thread, they cannot win and create the next contract.
Here are the rules, copied from @David47’s thread:

This is a friendly (and experimental) competition for Hitman Forum members who play on Xbox One.

The rules are simple:
Turn INSTINCT and the MINI-MAP off in the options menu, simulating the traditional “purist” experience. All other gameplay assists may be left on.
Play the contract posted below ONCE, and once only, without restarting for any reason, simulating a real-life hit, with only one, solitary, chance to succeed.
Post a screenshot of your score page, or a video of your run, here in the forum before the contract expires in approximately 48 HOURS.
Contracts begin at 6 p.m. GMT, British time (which is 1 p.m. EST, North-American time), on a Tuesday and end 1 week (7 days) later at the exact same time.
The rule is that the person who achieves the best score at the end of the week wins the competition, and also wins the privilege of choosing and posting the contract that everyone else will play for the next two days. This contract can be one of the winner’s own creation, or can be a contract created by another player. But the contract posted should, whenever possible, have some kind of story-based briefing description, just like the Elusive Contracts posted by Io Interactive. These story-based descriptions don’t have to be masterpieces of espionage fiction, but they should provide at least one line of context for the contract, e.g.

“Good afternoon, 47. Your target is a known murderer who has escaped capture in seven states. Our client wants him dead before he can escape again.”

How creative you get with descriptions is entirely up to you.

I’m not sure if this will work, or if there will be any sustained interest in it, but I personally think Elusive Contracts are the most enjoyable and challenging part of the Hitman experience, and this is my attempt to partially recreate that experience multiple times a week, with the co-operation of the Hitman
This first contract begins on Tuesday at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST) and ends in three days time, on Thursday, at 6 p.m. GMT (1 p.m. EST), at which point the winner, the person with the best score, will take over from me and post the next contract, along with the next contract’s expiration date, and so on, and so on, according to the rules stated above.
Important note: There is, unfortunately, no way to verify that everyone taking part in this competition will abide by the THREE RULES I described at the beginning of this post … so we have to trust one another for this to work. All competitors should be aware that they have absolutely nothing to gain by cheating (there are no shiny new suits to win here), and that if even one person cheats he ruins the experience for everyone else who takes part.

It should also be noted that the person who posts the contract cannot take part in the contest. Winning earns you a two-day break from murdering folks, e.g. I will not be playing this contract myself, because I posted it, but I will play the new contract that is posted on Sunday by the winner of this contract.
Good luck to everyone who managed to read all this, and who feels like taking part.

Edit: A new rule has been added! Similar to the PS4 thread, ‘special conditions’ will now be allowed on this thread! Special conditions are selected by the author, and MUST BE OBEYED. These may include (but are not limited too):
Starting at a certain location
VIP NPCs (as long as they are easily identified)
Only certain Gear allowed/certain Gear banned.
These restrictions are currently experimental. Each contract is allowed TWO special conditions, as specified by the creator. These conditions may not obstruct any of the other rules, and ALL CONTRACTS MUST BE SA-ABLE.

Have fun!



How has this post already gotten more likes than mine when it’s mostly a copy-and-paste of what I wrote? lol

Just joking. Looking forward to seeing the first Xbox Player-Made Elusive Target. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, Silverballer. :slight_smile:


@David47 my post is better because it’s Xbox instead of playstation


…I’m on PS4…


@AGENT4T7 gotta love starting console wars


Agent 4T7 plays on PS4…War over, PS4 Wins



@AGENT4T7 why don’t you take part in these?

Is it because of the non fibre wire kill restrictions?


Haha no, that’s not it… It’s no secret that I love the Fiberwire, but other than Elusives, I do use other methods as well obviously lol

I just don’t record my runs. No particular reason, it’s just I tried it once before and for some reason it didn’t record all of it. I don’t know, I just didn’t wanna be bothered with it, it’s just not my cup of tea to be honest.

I just like playing for me, for my own enjoyment. The most I do is post screenshots :smile:


@AGENT4T7 you don’t have to record it for the elusive contracts: just do what I do and post your score.


Yeah, I could do that, but then there is no “proof” that we abided by the rules.
(Not that we would cheat, of course)

plus I honestly didn’t catch that we were allowed to post screenshots lol I thought it had to be strictly videos… :sweat_smile:

Maybe I might partake then…


@AGENT4T7 give it a shot!

Edit: See what I did there


AGENT4T7, even videos are not “proof” that a person didn’t cheat. That person could have restarted twenty times, and nobody would ever know.

As I said in my own thread, we just have to trust one another for this work. I’m helping the Hitman Forumities develop some integrity and sportsmanship. lol

Therefore, posting a screenshot of your results page, and simply declaring, “I followed all the rules”, is as valid a way to compete as any other. :slight_smile:

P.S. The way the rules are set up, it’s also impossible for one player to cheat twice in a row, because if you win it’s your responsibility to provide the next contract … which you’re not allowed to take part in.

Therefore even the cheatiest cheater could only cheat in every other elusive target.

That said, I’m counting on nobody cheating. I think the awareness that other people’s fun hinges on them not cheating will dissuade people from breaking the rules. It’s quite easy to lie to yourself. But it’s not as easy to lie knowing that everyone else’s enjoyment suffers because of it.


Very true. Well put!
And for the record, I agree. I would never cheat
"I have a reputation to uphold" :wink:

I just wasn’t fully aware that screenshots were acceptable and I didn’t want there to be a dispute if I happened to post a screenshot, beating someone’s score. But you make a valid point, even if someone posts a video, that still doesn’t prove one cheated or not. In that case, thank you for clearing the rules up for me.

Now that I know it’s acceptable to post screenshots, maybe I’ll take on some of the contracts. Plus, we have a lot of really good/honest players here in the forum so I don’t think we should have any problems taking people’s word for it. Not to mention this is just for fun and games and no one has anything to gain by cheating.

Keep it clean guys :slightly_smiling_face:


Exactly. The only thing we have to gain is a good time if we all abide by the rules.

Like I’ve said, there are no shiny new suits to win here, so cheating is pointless. lol


The first Xbox One contract is now live!

Location: Hokkaido
Name: Like Father, Like Son
Contract ID: 3-10-7558902-41

Remember the rules, don’t look at any videos before playing (you must be completely blind), you must SAY WHEN YOU HAVE FOLLOWED THE RULES, and have fun!


Objectives complete, no recordings, but failed at everything else. 76,633. I regret making this an explosives contract.


First run, but I forgot to turn off NPC icons and instinct. As soon as I saw the white dot above the gardener’s head I knew it was GG. :joy:

GL to anyone else giving it a go. I think there’s a fairly quick way to do it; no way I’d get it first time though.


@Ed_ll3 nicely done- but sadly I can’t give you the winning spot because you forgot to turn of NPC icons and instinct.


Rules have been followed. Fuck Laurent and his slow-ass AI


Well done @Spodey, looks like you’re winner at the moment.