Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


Good luck. Sure you will do better than me lol @Ed_ll3


I think this is the hardest elusive contract yet @scm97tl. I’ve played it a few times since my terrible competing attempt, but not since you told me the poison kill, so will have to see if I can get a decent non-competing score. (@AGENT4T7 it’s harder than Bankers are Cankers. Seriously.)


Haha that must be a nightmare then :laughing: Too bad I’m not on Xbox though…


Recreate it and suffer with the rest of us! :bear::smiling_imp:


Haha yeah, I’m curious now. I’ll try to recreate it later and see what happens. Unless someone beats me to it.


You have to play it on purist though.



That’s what we’ve been doing with these “elusive targets” this whole time. :smile:


Oh, and you might need @scm97tl to tell you who the targets are, and if you don’t solve it yourself how to get the poison kill.


Oh I didn’t check, I figured it was posted in this thread… If not, show me the details @scm97tl and I’ll try to recreate it when I get a chance.


The pics are above some comments before, @AGENT4T7. All the details you need are there. Targets are Silvio’s blue-shirted bodyguard, Francesca’s bodyguard that helps her to check Silvio’s office, top-hat guard at the patio who takes a rest in the couch and is an enforcer and also close to the starting point where you are already disguised as guard, guard that patrols the lab entrance below Caruso’s garden where the golf practice takes place and finally the black-shirted guard at Sapienza’s ruins.


I figured as much, I just didn’t check. Thank you! I’ll see what I can do


Not one to duck a challenge, but unfortunately…

There are too many theories behind the poison kill; without testing them out this was nigh on impossible in a one-shot deal. I went with the possibility that Nicola’s routine might change after Caruso escapes by plane. I tried to lure Caruso faster with the ‘47 Ways’ tape, and his two guards seem to be stuck watching the video once they settle back down after the plane has left.

After that it all got a bit

(minus the coke mountain).

PM when you can with the deets please @scm97tl: bet I was way off. :smile:


I did say it was hard lol :joy: I’m not surprised it went to hell with trying to lire Caruso to the plane, which isn’t the solution. I just thought ‘screw it’ and shot him. All my points were from no recordings lol
On the bright side, I might win for once with my extremely high score of 21,000. (But @Euler13 hasn’t played it yet)


Not sure if Sam’s on atm, so might PM you quick to see if it was something else entirely. :wink:


Okay you’ll kick yourself when you find out lol



As a side note: Please try not to make contracts where you only have one shot at getting a target in the way specified. I think this contract is doable if you miss the first opportunity, but for future reference, please never make one-chance targets.


I’ve been finishing the Fallout 4 Nuka-World DLC over the past couple of days and I’ve got friends coming round shortly, so sadly I’m not going to have time to play it. I know how to do the consumed poison target too! I was looking to create some puzzle type contracts some time ago and thought that would be a good one. Although I’d never have got it from just going in blind.


Nuka world is cool. Love that DLC. Well I have a contract ready, so I’ll put that one up.


I want to be sincere that I really had the idea the puzzle was just fine. I mean, the bell part and the location of the right cup are suggested in a nice way.