Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


Yeah I liked the puzzle. Even if I still had no clue what the solution was lol


Good evening, Agents. The next elusive contract, Blood at the Bazaar, is now live. This contract will end at 6 P.M. GMT on the 5th of January. Good hunting.

Sorry about the lack of pictures or an ID, my Xbox live is down.


All righty. Gonna try it later at night. Gotta be beary careful in the Bazaar.


Oh and if anyone could post the ID and pictures I would be grateful.



@scm97tl have you played it yet?


Nope. Give me a while, please. I want to take my time with this one. Already looked at the targets and I’m planning things.


Alright guess I’ll go to sleep then :joy:


Sleep tight and dream with bears, @Silverballer. Nighty!:bear::sleeping:


If you’re wondering why I upvoted that comment that wasn’t to me, it was because of the cute “bear” thing. lol

I’m easily impressed. :yum:


I got Agent Down, @Silverballer. Besides, my score was going to be low anyway but now I’ll never know because the game itself didn’t registered the kills. Even after the last kill of the lady with a headshot I had no exits avaible. At least the bastards aren’t going to kill anymore bears :bear::cry:.


Everyone (mercifully :smile:) is back at work/school today, so will give this a try in a bit. @Silverballer

Looks good; feels like I’ve been in Marrakesh a lot recently, so fairly confident on where these three are (unless there are multiples of them). Haven’t decided how to approach it yet though.


Was confident Reggie and Vincenz were both close to the snail stand, so prepared with explosives to make use of the propane. Thought I was going to have to lure the third guy away from the hookah area, but he was there waitng for me on arrival. :laughing:

Let me know if you want to see the video; if so I’ll upload this afternoon.


So nobody killed Reggie with the café sign? Also, I found out Link Parr was due to be married that night and felt pretty evil. Well that’s what you get for killing the bears.


Grr! Between getting ready to go back to school (during the past few days) and actually being back at school today, this is why I’m going to struggle to get to play these.

I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance, but I’ll try my best to play the current one: Blood in the Bazaar.

@scm97tl: I really liked the look of your contract: Private Solutions, and I really enjoyed playing it (the normal way). I don’t know how it compares with your intended method, but I think that I found a really nice way to complete it.

Private Solutions (6:26)


It’s cool, @Euler13. I have another set of contracts in Bangkok, by the way. I’m posting my latest shortly.


I was working a few things out for it this afternoon (just the early sections so far), and it’s a great contract. Hopefully more people will play it down the line.

I didn’t @Silverballer (though I did kill her under it, so close I guess :smile:).

e: Idk why, but I can’t get the video to show blurred?


Don’t bother blurring it, just say not to watch it in case of spoilers in bold. As a side note,
I won’t be around to moderate for about a day, but I’ll be back by the end of ‘Blood in the Bazaar’, so I’ll trust you guys to enforce the rules etc etc. @David47 probably knows the rules best (well, he did create them) so ask him if you’re unsure.


I’ve just done “Blood in the Bazaar”. Strangely I couldn’t find it by searching for the title. I had to enter the contract ID?!

I knew exactly how to kill Vincent Senten because I was originally planning to use him and the new woman in the black dress on the last contract I made for this competition. I also knew how to take out Link Parr, but I had no idea how to kill Reggie Afkham. In the end I got a little impatient and sadly I took her and a non-target out.

Here’s my official “playing by the rules” entry.

Just for the fun of it I went back and found a better way to take out all three targets; although it depends a little on luck.

Blood in the Bazaar (2:10)


Oh Yeah, @Ed_ll3, I hope you have a contract ready as it will go live in 30 mins.


Wait what, isn’t the deadline tomorrow? @Silverballer