Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


No, it’s today. Sorry for not saying earlier. Post a contract when possible, preferably sooner rather than later.


I made one earlier just in case as I don’t know how much I’ll be around tomorrow, so it’s all good.

'Auction House Blues
ID: 3-02-1473434-88

I noticed while remaking Quine’s sniper contract that these blue waistcoat guys don’t get much love. There are some obvious ways to kill them, but I left it open to allow for creativity (and hopefully a fun chain of events). :slight_smile:

Like Euler, I’ve been back and refined some of the previous contracts. Really pleased with ‘Pocket Solutions’. Having been in Sapienza a lot for other contracts recently, it was a nice break not having to run around as Jingles. :smile:

Ran it quite a lot today trying to get to the ruins a little faster. I found a route where you can go through, up, and back down the mansion into the lab without having to distract the guard or take out the back camera. On paper it seems like it should be a lot faster, but I was still getting times around 6:10 (for some reason, no idea why).


Nice @Ed_ll3. ‘Auction house blues’ will expire on the 7th January at 6 P.M. GMT.


I’m going to play this later. I hope. Looks like a good contract.


I’m posting this here in the Xbox One thread, too, in case anyone misses it.

It’s a template, conceived by @CKHall22, that allows you to extend the length of your briefing beyond the usual word-limit when you post your elusive-target here in the forum.

Using it is entirely optional, of course. Just click and save it if you’re interested. :slight_smile:

Disclaimer: Interesting briefing description not included. That part’s up to you. :wink:


Great contract. I didn’t follow rules (played with map on and restarted once before my first completion). But I played it multiple times last night. Lots of fun, and very possible to do SO/SA in a few different ways. Should become a featured contract.


I’m trying to do it SA/SO and all accidents. Easier said than done.


Dammit. I failed. One of the guards spotted me out of the corner of his eye while I was pushing one of the guys off a balcony. Dammit.


Thanks a lot for playing, and for the positive comments. It felt like it could potentially be good fun while making the contract. Hopefully some other people see it and feel the same. :smiley:

Unlucky @Silverballer!


Great contract. Might make a sequel as I had an idea for one.


Here’s my “followed the rules” submission for Auction House Blues. I don’t know what happened, but for some reason I had a body found at the end. I can only imagine that in the panic of my last kill someone found the body of a previous target?

Auction House Blues (3:49) [143,552 points]


I got them at a mostly fiber wire style except for two of them. One being the guy in charge of the auction and the other that attends the bar at the patio. First one got with chandelier and the other with an antique poison syringe.
The equipment I bringed:

First kill:

Second kill:

Third kill:

No pic for the chandelier one but here is the fifth and last kill:

A toast for the second fiber wire animation that it’s just so cool :bear::+1:!


Looks like @scm97tl is winning at the moment. Contract ends tomorrow at 6 P.M. GMT.


@scm97tl: Beary well done! :clap:

I went back for the fun and challenge of getting a better time…

Auction House Blues (1:58)


A reminder to all that the new contract will go live at 6 P.M. GMT today, most likely made by @scm97tl. @scm97tl, ensure you have a contract ready.


All righty. I’ll post one that is sniper focused and that needs the use of the Jaeger Lancer to have success with it for SA and I warn you that it has only one effective window of opportunity to kill two targets with one shot without the kills being noticed (I’ll tell you how to do it, don’t worry).


Ok. Don’t make it too hard.


All righty. Change of plans. Given that my original idea was way too hard to perfectly time, I took this one that it’s easier but still tricky:


Cool! Will get straight to it. ‘Tasty portion of life’ will finish at 6 P.M. GMT on the 9th of January.


Wow. Oh wow. I got 0. 0 points. I was spotted killing one of the guards, and just bolted. I also didn’t realise one of the guards had a ‘Melee’ restriction. Well, it went better than the last contract I guess.