Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


At least you finished the mission. It really went that bad?


Yup. I got spotted by a gardener on the atrium roof while subduing one of the guards, and I snapped the guards neck, so I lost never spotted, no noticed kills and no bodies found all at once. I also did it slowly so no points in that aspect.


This looks like a slick little contract. I’m a big fan of Paris.

I might recreate it on PS4 (giving the Xbox creator credit, of course) and then post it as a PS4 contract if I ever win again. Which might never happen. :worried: lol


Going to grab some lunch then give this a try. :grin:


It was all going so well, or so I thought. Was heading out of the hotel after the last kill, and ran into another kitchen bastard who saw through the disguise. Might have then accidentally rage killed some people at the end of the pier; then got to the final screen only to find out a neck snap doesn’t count as a melee kill (even though it registers as one in-game).

I’ll upload in a bit if you want to check out the fail in all its glory.


You beat me by 10,710 points though, so you are currently leading the competition.


@scm97tl: That was a really nice contract to go in and do blind.

Tasty Portion Of Life (6:58) [168017 points]


Well @Euler13, you’re winning right now (after mine and @Ed_ll3’s catastrophic faliures)


I wasn’t 100% sure what a melee kill was either. I’ve thrown people off balconies and it’s come up melee kill on the screen. I knew that a sharp weapon counted as a lethal melee, but I wasn’t sure if that was the same. I was dithering between using the cleaver, throwing him off the balcony, and, as you did, going for a neck snap. It was a gamble. You’ll see at around 4 minutes in the video I went into the menu to check it had counted. Phew! It had.


I should have researched it a bit more (instead of shooting them in the legs and snappin’ necks :joy:). Going into these gung-ho is a recipe for disaster.

Went back and got some Eastern revenge with the Janbiya:


A reminder to all the next contract will be posted at 6 P.M. GMT tonight, made by @Euler13. This one will NOT HAVE special reatrictions as discussed in the PS4 thread, however the next contract may have up to TWO special restrictions. I will write up what these special restrictions are in the instructions, but for now, just refer to the PS4 thread to see what the instructions are.


There’s nearly 800 posts in that thread and I’ve not been following it. I read the first post, but I couldn’t see any reference to “no special restrictions”. Do you mean that you can wear any disguise and use any method or are you referring to additional artificially imposed restrictions?

I’ve been thinking about a contract, but I have only just got in from work so I’ll try and put something together. However, I’ll need to wait on your answer to this before I begin.


Artificially imposed. e.g. VIPs, no subdue, no changing disguises, must exit/start at a certain location.


So I can have a disguise requirement / method of kill?


Yes, as usual.
20 chars


Excellent. I’ll get on with creating it…


Title: Too Many Questions
Contract ID: 3-03-4754168-05


Nice @Euler13! ‘Too Many Questions’ will expire at 6 P.M. GMT on the 11th January.


It’s not just “restrictions” we’ve been discussing in the PS4 thread, Euler13. It’s special conditions.

From now on we’re going to allow contract-creators to impose a maximum of two special conditions. These can be almost anything that enhance the challenge or the roleplaying immersion of the contract, without creating too much confusion.

For example, my current active contract, set in Paris, has two such conditions:

  1. The player must start the mission on the red carpet.

  2. The player must use an un-silenced shotgun for its two shotgun kills, because the assassination is supposed to be loud and dramatic.

I’m not sure if @Silverballer is doing exactly the same thing here, but I thought I’d give the pertinent information that you and your fellow Xbox players have missed.


I think I am doing the exact same thing here.