Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)



As @David47 said in the PS4 thread, I will now allow contract creators to reccomend items to take into missions, for example poison. I recommend that creators do this, especially for difficult contracts. This is however not necessary, and contract creators don’t have to do this. As a reminder, the creator can also post screenshots related to the contract.


Just a reminder to everyone that @Euler13’s contract will go live today, at 6PM GMT.


@Euler13’s contract goes live in 50 mins.


A new contract is now live.

Location: Marrakesh
Title: The Three Racketeers
Contract ID: 3-06-5872431-05

It is preferred that no other soldiers or civilians are harmed in any way.
Intel is extremely limited as they have been operating below the radar for some time now. However, all three have been sighted in the following areas.

You are going to need to have your wits about you for this one. Good luck, 47.

Remember the rules:

[quote]Turn INSTINCT, NPC ICONS and the MINI-MAP off in the options menu, simulating the traditional “purist” experience. All other gameplay assists may be left on.
Play the contract ONCE, and once only, without restarting for any reason, simulating a real-life hit, with only one, solitary, chance to succeed.[/quote]


This looks like a great contract!
When you say not harmed, do you mean not subdued?

Right now, I can’t do anything about that (people are still getting used to the basic rules) but I think soon enough I will be able to add in optional restrictions that increase your score.


All righty. I’ll give it a shot. No video but yes pics of the kills like in most of my ETs. I’ll try it soon.


By the way: can I look at the map from the menu or it’s out of the window? no problem with anything else because I always play on “purist”.


You can look at the map from the menu. Otherwise you would never find the targets.


Yeah, I didn’t think that I was allowed to add additional rules, so it is there just for effect. It is more a case of kudos to you if you can do it without harming/subduing anyone else. Perhaps it is something that you and @David47 could think about for future contracts?


I am thinking about it: but not now.


Thanks. Just because of the situation of some NPCs having beary similar if not the same appearances.


I was told by @Silverballer and @David47 that you can use the RB even with instinct turned off. Because you are allowed to use other assists then if you’re close to the target then it will show target information for them, confirming that they are the intended target.


The guards are exactly the same people in ‘A House Built On Sand’ and ‘A Gilded Cage’. So when I made my contract involving killing guards in ‘A House Built On Sand’, two of the targets from this mission were on it.


Ok. I still need to try that out. never knew about it.


Good-looking contract, Euler13. I like what you did with the map.

Just to clarify, contract creators are allowed to post a screen-shot of the map (taken at the start of the mission), along with additional clues to the targets’ whereabouts, should they wish to. But these things are not required.

Thank you, as well, for highlighting the rules for potential newcomers. I appreciate it when the community helps out in that regard. :slight_smile:


169,774. I also follows the optional objective (because i didn’t need to break the rule). Knowing how to lure away the guards, especially Aamir Imam, helped.


It’s done with SA, @Euler13. Gonna upload a lot of pics in a moment. Be ready.


Finding the contract by number because I couldn’t find it in other way.

My gear selection (loving the ICA cellphone because of the audio distraction function without it being suspicious).

First, a refreshingly shocking surprise:

Second, a nice luring of a lady with the cellphone (wich I inmediatly picked up after it sounded and before that placed my ICA Chrome for her to call the guard) and a little pinch to release all tensions:

And that also was beary close of failing…

Extra crispy for the last one (lured with an screwdriver):

Not leaving behind my bearutiful tailored linen suit, of course:


There was no need of KOs for this one so the extra objective was also accomplished!
Done, @Silverballer. Sorry.


Thanks @scm97tl
20 chars


Attention, please!

I recreated the current contract on PS4.

(I hope you don’t mind, @Euler13. I gave you full credit in the briefing description.)

Any PS4 players who wish to compete (myself not included) can do so. While you are ineligible to “win” the competition officially, you can prove you’re the best as long as you follow all the rules. :slight_smile: