Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


Nice job, scm97tl. Some smooth moves there.


Thanks. It was a bit hopeful with the last kill because of an NPC that has the chance of hearing the luring as well but overall smooth.


I’m still winning tho huehue I think @Ed_ll3 will beat me however :pensive:


It was the second move that impressed me the most.

Getting the woman to go and fetch the guard. Very cunning. I doubt I’d have thought of it. :smirk:


Who is supposed to be the judge and under wich parameters?


It’s based on score, and I am the judge

I actually lured the guard with a dropped pistol over to the shoe shop drop box on the other side other map. I killed him in the shop, barely escaping however.


Yeah, it’s just “best score wins”, scm97tl.

We just have to trust that everyone who takes part is good and honest enough to follow the rules precisely. And, so far, I believe that everyone has. I’ve been very impressed with the sportsmanship and maturity of players both here and in the PS4 thread.

Your run was very impressive and you almost beat Silverballer. You can be very proud. I wiped out miserably in my last two PS4 contracts so I was just pleased to succeed this time. lol


I’ll stick with my ET style of gameplay because for these I don’t take care of the score so I’ll keep posting my slow but safe routes.


Honestly, I wish we could not base it on score, but we don’t want to force people to post videos or screenshots so we can’t base it on video/screenshot likes. We haven’t found a reliable non-video/SS and non-score related method of scoring, unless we decided to take it in turns (which wouldn’t work as new people constantly join the thread)


Heh, it was fun and that’s what matters. No matter what, these will help to keep my hunger for official ETs at bay and I appreciate the effort from everybody who contributes to this!


Might be in with a chance… if I remember to change settings before starting. :joy:

Girls are out shopping today, so going to save this for when the house is quiet then give it a run. Two of them look very familiar; not so sure on Farooq!


Remember you can use the RB button with instinct turned off and if the target is within visible range then it will identify them.

@David47 posted this image to show what it looks like.

[edit]Sorry, David, I seem to have replied to you instead of Ed for some reason?[/edit]


From your heat map it seems he’s a distance from the two dudes I know. It’s tricky planning for these without specifics or prep.

Might give these guys a call and hope for the best.



There are two people you will know from my contract, but the other guy isn’t in mine (although I marked him as a potential target, but chose someone else instead).


No problem. Thanks for sharing this info. with others who might have missed it. :relaxed:

P.S. To everyone else: I located all of these targets pretty easily while recreating this contract on PS4, and I didn’t have the benefit of seeing exactly where they were on the map, or of using “target information”. All I used was Euler13’s (very cool) “heat map” and a little exploration.

So if I was able to complete this contract, in the Marrakesh market-place, the most crowded location in the game, it proves that players – under normal circumstances – are more than capable of completing contracts “blind”, using the tools at their disposal (the pause-menu map and the “target information” feature).

P.S.S. @Silverballer and I welcome all Xbox players who might be new to this thread to join in! The rules might seem intimidating at first glance, but they’re really quite simple. And think of “winning” as a side benefit; the real enjoyment in this contest comes from playing a tense, hitman “simulation” that requires maturity and patience as well as speed.

I say “maturity” because you’ll have to fight your instinct to restart or kill everybody when you mess up! :smiley:


Probably had a bit of an advantage; as @Silverballer mentioned, two of the three were already in one of his contracts which I know well. Still managed to run the wrong way a couple of times, and had to say a little prayer before one of the kills:

Was torn between which exit to take as well. :smile:

@David47 - Yeah, I knew those anyway, and exactly where they would be. :wink:

In HBOS the stationary guard takes weapons up to the roof area; is it the same here or does he go elsewhere? (blur, PM, or w/e if it’s spoiler-y).


Goddammit @Ed_ll3 I thought I might win this one


Wow, there’s some stiff competition here in the Xbox thread right now. Getting an SA rank in a good time evidently isn’t enough to guarantee victory. :open_mouth:

And here’s me in the PS4 thread still leading with 4/5 stars. lol


Silverballer, maybe you shouldn’t have mentioned that a couple of the targets were the same as the ones from your contract. Ed_II3 might not have noticed right away! :smile:


They were the same positions, and had the same names, so they were pretty distinctive: besides, I didn’t say which targets, but he still knew :wink: