Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


Damn it. He’s too perceptive. lol

Not that I mind who wins. :innocent:


I don’t think I’ll ever win here :joy: It’s just @Euler13 and @Ed_ll3 winning every time


It’s OK. My chances of winning in the PS4 thread are pretty slim as long as JDMHatch_G and AGENT4T7 play, considering they’re both right at the top of the Holiday Hoarders leaderboard, and considering I walk almost everywhere in contracts because running feels silly to me. lol

Plus, you did a great job in this contract; you just got pipped at the post. :confounded: :grinning:


I think you’ll find the word is ebayed :wink:


I’m not sure what people are doing to get silent kills with the breaching charges.

Is any explosive triggered by a breaching charge an “accident kill”? Even a propane tank?


Breaching charge isn’t an accident kill, but it is an explosion and it is silent. Fire Extingushers and Propane Tanks are accidents.

Massive spoiler for the contract ahead.

But what we are doing is putting it near the guard, who sees the weapon and takes it to a drop box (which in this case is the shoe shop)


Knowing that (plus other factors), there’s an opportunity to do this with a lot more style. Gutted!

Edited the video into the other post btw. GJ on the contract as well. @Euler13


Thanks for the info!

I’ll experiment a little bit so that I can start using stuff like that in contracts if necessary.


If this is a DQ for playing the contract more than once that’s fine, I just didn’t feel finished with the contract after the first attempt. Obviously don’t watch if you intend to participate!

Double Kill (1:50 - what I would have done with the extra recon):

Nod to Dumas (3:24):


Well, @Ed_ll3, looks like the next contract is to be made by you. Make sure it is ready for tonight.


Today? :scream:

Is there a particular time you want it to go live, or just at some point this evening? @Silverballer


6 PM, but it doesn’t have to be on the dot.


Hmm. I was going to give Christmas Carol another try. Been working on something for that on and off the last couple of days, and keep getting wrecked by that Priest kill. :sob:

Do you know which maps we’ve had; is it just Marrakesh and Sapienza so far on XB?


Marrakesh, Sapienza and Hokkaido for Xbox. Please don’t do an ICA facility one :joy:


Now you mention it… :laughing:

Thanks for confirming. I’ll have a look, see if I can find something in one we haven’t had yet.


Inspired by @Ed_ll3’s replaying my contract I couldn’t resist doing a couple myself.

The Three Racketeers [Suit + Fibre Wire] 2:40

The Three Racketeers [Suit + Accidents] 2:29


Got to get food ready and what not, so posting this a bit on the early side.

I wasn’t sure whether to go with something ET-ish (single target and any method/disguise), or more of a contract. Went with this in the end:

Location: Bangkok
Title: The Class of 27
Contract ID: 3-08-9584312-88


Hopefully it’s fun to play (and no, no FEs are necessary… unless you really want to ;)).


Nice! This EC will be over on the Jan 1st at 6 P.M…


All righty. Will give it a shot tomorrow.


@Ed_ll3: That was a great contract. I’ll probably play it again to get a better time.

@Silverballer & @David47: I’m putting my video here, but I know you’re going to immediately disqualify it because I did a restart. I’d not realised before what it was like to play with NPC Icons turned off. It is absolutely ridiculous. It means that in a room full of people one person will see through your disguise without warning. I got Suspicious and within seconds I was being hunted. Not fun.

I propose that you consider removing this restriction. I realise that this is going to make me sound like a spoiled brat, and I fully understand they are your rules, but I’m unlikely to be playing any more of these with that rule in place. It completely ruins the enjoyment. I understand minimaps and instinct being turned off to make it a challenge to locate the target, but NPC icons is too far and at the same time not far enough. That is, if you think this rule makes it more like “a real life hit” then you need to turn off the ability to identify targets with RB and suspicion meters.

Anyway, here’s my almost SA; I killed a non-target in one of my accidents. The reason I knew who the third target was - without needing to use RB - is because that room is where I got spotted the first time I played it. I thought from the pictures that they were all in that room.

The Class of 27 (6:09) [160406 points] - Did one restart! :disappointed_relieved: