Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


Sadly, although that was a good run, I am going to have to disqualify it as it was quite far in to the run when you restarted. As for the NPC icons, you can keep the arrow on, it just means you have to be more careful when going moving around. Although ultimately I will let @David47 decide if he wasn’t to keep or remove it.


(Sorry, I can’t get the “quotes” feature to work for some reason.)

@Euler13 you said: “[Having NPC icons off] is absolutely ridiculous. It means that in a room full of people one person will see through your disguise without warning. I got Suspicious and within seconds I was being hunted. Not fun.”

With respect, I’ve played the game this way almost since release (and, now, in addition, I’ve played most of the player-made elusives on PS4) and I can’t recall a single instance when I’ve felt it to be unfair. I realize it forces you to be very careful and vigilant at times, but that’s the point.

47, if he were a real assassin, would not have psychic knowledge of who could recognize him and who could not. He’d have to carefully feel them out or take a safer route altogether if the risk of detection were too high.

I won’t be changing this rule as long as I’m involved in the PS4 thread, but I will be sorry to lose you as player if Silverballer decides to uphold my decision here, Euler13. It’s been a pleasure seeing your enthusiasm for the contest and watching your videos. :slight_smile:


47 wouldn’t “psychically” be able to identify his target by holding RB or have a map that shows their exact positions. You clearly don’t want 100% realism and if NPC Icons is a minimal feature that ruins @Euler13’s experience to the point of not wanting to participate, I don’t see any reason not to allow its use. There are too few players here as is. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just on the topic Euler raised: The only time I’ve found having NPC icons switched off to be annoying is when you want to walk past guard-posts, from behind, and you can’t remember if the guards can see through your disguise or not. lol

The rather tedious – but, nonetheless, effective – solution to this is to throw something so that the guards turn around, and then you can see whether they become suspicious or not, while at a safe distance.


Must you always be so objectionable, Spodey, when you rarely play contracts yourself? lol

If it were practical to eliminate use of the pause-menu map and the “target information” feature, I’d do that, too. But it’s not.

Unlike official elusives, created by Io Interactive, our elusive targets have no distinctive characteristics which make them stand out in a crowd when you lay eyes on them, in game. Thus, they’d be impossible to find without the gameplay features described above to aid detection.

That’s why those features are permitted. NPC icons isn’t required, so it’s not.


Ok guys poll time: Do you want or not want NPC icons? [poll public=true]

  • NPC Icons Off
  • NPC Icons On


Sure, whatever - but without Euler to play these contracts I doubt there’ll be more than one player each contract


And without people to uphold the rules there’ll be no thread whatsoever.


To be honest I’ve changed my mind: after watching @Euler13’s run I’ve realised these are a bit too unpredictable for my liking.


Fair enough, Silverballer. It’s your decision. I’m only here because I received notifications and because this thread is tangentially related to my own.


Sorry, I know I will sound stupid for this but what is a NPC Icon again?


I’ll see how the poll goes.
For now, ‘Club of 27’ must be played with Icons OFF.
However, I am currently inclined to change that, as most of the Xbox players don’t seem to like this.


It’s the dot above the NPC’s head that shows if they can spot you or not. It’s also the question marks about NPC’s heads.


Thanks dude! …20 characters


Thank you to everyone for taking time to discuss this. Thanks, @Spodey, for your support and @Silverballer for doing the survey. :thumbsup:

I don’t know if anyone here has played the Lyndon Gyration escalation? I cannot imagine navigating through those streets without NPC icons turned on. It’d be fine when they’re in the distance and you can see the suspicion meter growing, but if you need to pass by an NPC in an alley and each time you had to cross your fingers, hoping that they’re not one of the random enforcers then it wouldn’t make it an enjoyable experience at all, and especially if you cannot restart! In certain areas it’s obvious that you’re going to be spotted, but when you’re wearing the “local” disguise and you walk into a room to discover that one of them can see through your disguise it is very frustrating. In such a tight space it jumps to Suspicious almost instantly. There aren’t even any visual clues in the NPC animations. Yes, from a distance the suspicion meter just gradually grows, but even then they carry on in a conversation, smoking a cigarette, or on their mobile. In other words, even with the suspicion meter turned on it’s not always obvious who it is that is seeing through your disguise. Anyway, just my personal thoughts.

At the end of the day, @Silverballer, you are the overseer of this competition and it’s up to you. So please don’t feel you have to change anything because I’ve found something that I dislike. I only represent one opinion. If enough people prefer to keep it, including yourself, then stick with it.


That is an amazing response…so considerately written! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: A definite like! @Euler13


Unlucky @Euler13, and I agree about the NPC icons. With hindsight this is a contract that would likely benefit from a few goes to get a feel for it too.

I think it boils down to what the competition is based on. It’s being judged purely on time/score (so as a by-product also SA), and on running it only once, when the rule(s) in place make this as awkward as possible; for example, without a photograhic memory of the map and prior knowledge of all disguise permutations it’s nigh on impossible to move around the map and know exactly which NPCs are suspicious of you (considering it can be very random).

I guess what I’m trying to say is that playing these can feel counter-intuitive.

Appreciate it was previously discussed, but is there not a way of judging entries on something other than just score? Perhaps thread starter(s) plus contract maker decide a winner based on style and score? To use the last contract as an example, it seems wrong for mine to have won when someone like @scm97tl put time and effort into making something cool and varied.

I don’t know; maybe the rules or way it’s assessed could do with a little tweak to make it more appealing.


If I might just add something else to the discussion:

I think people’s perfectionist tendencies might be leading them to the conclusion that NPC icons are “necessary”.

You’re all so used to the idea that you must never get spotted, and that you must achieve a perfect score, that you’re not allowing for the fact that being spotted, occasionally, is a part of the game. Being led back to a an unrestricted area is a part of the game.

I aimed to create a true, purist experience, and that, naturally, implies a far more difficult experience than the one you’re all used to.

Should it, not, then, be harder, and require greater patience, to not get spotted in a level? Shouldn’t those who take the time to figure out their environment properly be more greatly rewarded? As I’ve said many times, I aimed to encourage patience, as well as speed.

I’m not going to get into a huge debate about this here. But that’s my final contribution to the topic. Something to think about.


Well, talk about a debate lol.
Personally, I think Hitman is a puzzle game. Puzzle games need to be predictable. And NPC icons off is not predictable. As for the score, we are sticking to the fact you don’t have to make videos. However, I am going to make a new rule for this thread.

If the legitimate winner go the contest feels another contestant (who followed the rules) did a better run (in terms of style etc.), they can nominate the other person as the winner. Please let the other person know in advance however so they have time to create the contract.

This means speed is still the main way of playing, and videos aren’t necessary. However, a stylish run (showed via either screenshots or videos) can still win, if the winner is feeling generous. I think this is a fair alternative, let me know what you guys think.


Debate is half the fun of playing Hitman. Maybe more than half. At least for forum-ites. :smile: