Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


I appreciate using likes is also flawed, but having a points/score/time system in place to decide a winner just seems at odds with producing an environment which promotes a more realistic/purist (whetever you want to call it) experience.

For the record I like having a different challenge to try. Unfortunately I can’t think of an alternative which would be more appealing/fair (for those playing, those who can’t or don’t want to upload, etc.); something which factors in style though (as you mentioned) is a good starting point. :slight_smile:


Well, if anyone thinks of an alternative which doesn’t involve filming or screenshotting that factors style, I’m all ears.


Unfortunately, if you’re wearing a disguise in a restricted area then you don’t get any second chances or being gently led to an unrestricted area.
If you stay and wait then you will be hunted and killed.
If you run away then you will be hunted and killed.


The only way to barely identify them is because they turn their attention towards you for a good while. As well, based on the distance and kind of disguise, the detection sound indicator gradually increase at a lower or faster rate.


Watch the first encounter in the video. He’s looking down at the cake the whole time and within 1 second he’s “suspicious”. It made me chuckle how everyone else in the room suddenly reacts to. Someone even dropped their bottle of beer in complete shock.

Normally, with NPC icons turned on, I’d simply never get near those NPCs so I’d have never encountered this before.

At the end of the day it’s each to their own. Having NPC icons turned off feels like I’m playing a completely different game. One which I would not have invested close to 1500 hours. <= Now that is embarrassing to admit!


Heh. You get used to it. The virtue of strating playing without any indicators since day one is learning who is an enfocer in each room (not gonna tell you it wasn’t a slow and frustrating process) and why there are precisely so many blending spots. It’s cool, @Euler13. Everyone plays this differently and at their own pace. I do it in the “purist” way because otherwise it turns into a boring experience for me.


Are you giving this one a go? I liked your last description.


Starting now. Gonna play it nice and steady.


Yes, I am, @Silverballer. Gonna take a while because today is cleaning day at my house and alike.


Same. I don’t mean to boast (I’m far from being the best player here; I’m probably bottom fifty :upside_down:), but playing with instinct and/or NPC icons on just feels too easy to me after months of playing without them.

Whenever I put them on, I feel as though I’ve returned to tutorial mode.


137,697. Pretty sure that one non-target kill is impossible to avoid. Spotted right at the end by Mrs bloody Mookjai. I hate that woman.


@scm97tl as @Euler13’s was sadly not a valid attempt, and my score wasn’t great, you have a good shot at this one (pardon the pun)


All righty. Gonna try it later. Too bad things weren’t as planned.


If it’s the one I think you’re referring to, then there is a bearly straightforward solution. :wink:


Well, got it SA but added some “unexpected” accidents because I didn’t wanted to use FE for this one.
The equipment I bringed and the starting location:

Preparing the setting for the “accidents” and also a great part for using the hotel security disguise because no enforcers are present in this floor for them, at least not in that part of the hotel:

The first kill with lurings:

Nothing special for these two kills:

And one final good luring after KO most of the party room:

Not kidding with the part of emptying the party room :bear::smiling_imp::

As always, going back for my BM suit and exiting via the basements passage:

I’m going to remove the blur, @Silverballer. Nobody else seems to participate.


Nicely done, looks like you’re going to win. Can you please blur? Even though there probably won’t be any more competitors.
Thanks @scm97tl


Now I can’t see them. :disappointed: Firefox doesn’t let you see pictures hidden by spoiler tags. You can click on text, but images just show as blank.


Nice drownings…

and beary nice stacking also. :wink:


A reminder that ‘Class of 27’ goes down at 6 P.M. GMT. @scm97tl it looks like you are going to win, so I hope you have a contract ready. The next contract will have NPC icons ON.


Just to confirm… you do mean OFF? Meaning we won’t know who can see through our disguise?