Player-Made Elusive Contracts (XB1)


On. I meant on. Editing now. So we can see who can see through our disguises.


All righty: I have something special for a contract in Sapienza and considering the restrictions, it doesn’t matters if you have the NPC icons on. :bear::smiling_imp:. Sorry but gotta make this bearly challenging at least.


I look forward to it. I know I’m going to do beary bad anyway though :joy: Sounds like a Suit Only contract to me.


All righty: given that my DVR isn’t loading the pics because apparently Xbox Live is kinda “down” for me, here are both the title and the ID for the ET style contract:
TITLE: Pocket Solutions.
ID: 3-03-8386731-96
Good luck @Euler13, @Ed_ll3, @Silverballer and anyone who is sober enough after New Year’s party to give this one a shot. :bear::+1:


Thanks @scm97tl. This contract ends at 6 P.M. GMT on 3rd January. Hopefully 47 hasn’t been drinking too much.


I’m glad this thread is here. You help me keep track of dates and deadlines for the PS4 thread. lol


I’d suggest writing “Announcment” or “Attention, please!” or something similar at the top of your post in bold letters to catch people’s eye, scm97tl.

Just because you haven’t got pictures and you want people to know that your post is important. :slight_smile:

P.S. If Silverballer approves, of course.


All righty, Done, @David47. :bear::ok_hand:


Pics if you need @scm97tl:

Maybe it’s my addled brain, but this looks tough. :sweat_smile:

Been playing @Silverballer’s series today, so will probably keep this for tomorrow and have a think about how to approach it. Are they mostly the balcony dudes, or are we not allowed to ask? :shifty:


I like the references to Torvik. Very clever. Also, I am going to have to look up where I can find a folding knife lol


This is where the “target information” feature really comes in handy, so you can check you’re using the right weapon on a target just before you murder him. lol


Looking forward to the videos :stuck_out_tongue:


Been playing them on-and-off throughout the day and really enjoyed it. Think the first one is already up, and the rest are on the way. I’ll post them all in the series thread when they’re done.


I wanted to add a minor advice for the poison kill in case no one figures it out: in the same way the church calls to praying hour, the right side is close to be buried under the dirt in a white and red-adorned corner in front of the drunk assassin.
It’s in a puzzle way because I think it’s cool :bear::grin:.
@Silverballer, @Ed_ll3, @Euler13 and everybody else.


Ooooh a puzzle. Beary nice. I can’t wait
To play this one tomorrow or on Tuesday.


A mysterious puzzle! Forget 47. This is a job for Indiana Jones.

Special conditions: Hat only. With the machete. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Seriously though, I think giving a hint that way is a cool idea.

P.S. Judging by that picture, I don’t think Indy’s getting the SA bonus this time.


Okay, I am about to play. Wish me luck.


Beary good luck, @Silverballer! :bear::+1:


I got the amazing score of… 21,139. I couldn’t figure out the poison kill so I just shot him twice. Messiest run of all time lol I got into combat at one point. Loved the first four targets, not so much of a fan of the last one lol. Great contract @scm97tl really enjoyed it. Can you PM me the poison kill? The suspense is killng me lol


Good effort @Silverballer.

Was messing around on contracts this morning and saw who the poison kill is on; got a few ideas as to what might be needed, but still not exactly sure even with the clue. Disclosing that may have already disqualified me I guess :laughing:; will try it out tomorrow before the deadline regardless.