Poll: How old Hitman players are?


This anonymous poll serves to answer the question what percent of Hitman fans (players) is in particular age, so:
How old are you?

  • 13 and younger
  • 14-17
  • 18-22
  • 23-27
  • 28-32
  • 33-37
  • 38-42
  • 43-47
  • 48 and older

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I don’t mind making my age known. I’m 45.


Seriously? God damn you’re as old as my dad.


31 years

and 20 chars


With age, comes wisdom. You can probably guess some of the user’s age on here by how they present themselves. Not every time, but for the most part. The feisty/argumentative ones are usually younger.


Yep. I was born in 1970. I never thought I would get so damn old.

It won’t be too long before I become senile to the point where I won’t know how to even work a video game anymore. So I’ll try to enjoy them while I still can.


Just two more years…


Hell yeah. :smiley: 47. (20 characters)


Middle aged Hitman fan here… enough said.


Whoa, well 2 more years buddy :slight_smile: . I wonder how old Agent-17 and Watson are considering how long they have been here.


You mean not playing it within the PG certification. Haven’t you played any Hitman? :smiling_imp:


Im 24 :frowning:

20 chars


I’m 20. OLD BOYS!
Or i’m old too?! my god! :anguished:

I was 8 years old my first hitman game… and i became big fan on my 14.


I’m 25 and I’ve been registered here since I was 16, but started playing Hitman when I was 12 back in 2002.


Actually I’d like to know how old people here were when they started playing Hitman. I’m 25 but I played Hitman for the first time when I was 11 XD


Oh yeah i forgot, i’m 18 at the moment.


I’m 17.Started playing Hitman when I was 12 or 13.


I’m 26. Started to play Codename 47 when i was 13.


I’m 17. Started playing Hitman when I was around 11.


Actually, some people believe that playing video games would help against deteriorating memory with the elderly especially.