Poll: How old Hitman players are?


Wait how do you know this

I probably said it somewhere, but I can’t remember where haha


Ya you have. I read it too somewhere in another thread. I knew also that you were 15.


I live under your bed and at night when you’re asleep I put my nightvision goggles on and look at you
I know a lot more than just your age


I’m 28 and i started playing Hitman Codename 47 when i was 11. I had to look up when it was released cause i know i started shortly after it came out, but i forgot when that was.

Shame on me!!! :sob:


I probably haven’t posted here yet. I’m an 18-year-old fellow who wishes he was born earlier. :^(


I’m probably the youngest person on the forum, as I am 15 as well. I bet you are wondering how I got here, considering HITMAN is a 18+ game.


Don’t worry! I used to play Resident Evil when I was 10 years old


I started playing Hitman when i was 10, that’s 17 years ago now.


Wow I didn’t expect their to be people older than 48 here.




I been playing Hitman ever since Codename47, back in 2000. I was 10 years old and still playing them all today. Christ, I feel old… :laughing:


I’am 23.It seems like most people :grin:



Turning 15 next month, happily. Started playing Hitman when I was…oh…10 (So about 2013-ish)? Got Codename 47 for the first time and played it for hours lol


Youngest member so far by now. I was about your age when I first started to come here. But I didn’t knew much about internet and forums, so I just came here to look at the pictures.
There was a post with all the Blood Money pictures in those days.


I’m 14 as well :smile: will be turning 15 in a week


I’m 37 and Hitman games are the only ones I play, I’m not really a gamer. My husband recommended Absolution to me a few years ago and I loved it. Followed it up by playing Blood Money.

I just haven’t found any other games that hold my interest like the Hitman ones.