Poll: How old Hitman players are?


I’m 29 at the moment, but turning 30 in December. Been playing Hitman games since I was 15 and Codename 47 was new out.


This could be me. :smiley:


I’m 20 years old… :v:


Great. Then I’m on the right track.

I was 30. Been playing since 2000.


21, soon turning 22. Been playing Hitman since my dad bought it for ps2 (for himself) in '02. Of course I mass murdered everyone, I was freaking 9. We got every title. Later around 14 or 15 years of age I started playing them again the “proper way”, silently. It was a thrilling experience of rediscovery and the series has had me hooked since.


Me = 17…is that okay??


I’m 23 and I started with C47 when I was 8. Waaay to young! But I guess there’s no way to reverse the damage now. Oh, and I joined HMF back in 2005.


I will be 18 years old on 8th December (yes, on this magic day :D). I’ve played Hitman for the first time when I was 10 years old and it was Hitman 2 demo (Anathema). I fallen in love with this game and now I’m here.


Hello my name is Mads47, i’m 25 and i been a Hitmanholic, for the past 15 years. I really like to take cloth of other people and putting them on.

Seriously your only 23?..why is every fucking person i know in real life younger then me!..Thought you where the same age as Daniel. Don’t come and tell me he’s 21…last i checked we where the same age.


I refuse to believe that there is someone on hitmanforum who is 13 and below


Haha Mads! I’m sorry you feel that way but I’m afraid I am. But seriously, we should chill out about “getting old” when we’re in our 20’s, plenty of time. And he is 20! :wink:

I was 12 when I joined. But I do remember making a fool of myself for a couple of years there.


No he’s not he’s soon 25! i can live that.


35 Next month. Respect your elders haha.


March 11 is the new magic day. (at least for now anyway).


Currently clinging to 29.


I just turned 30 this month. When I first played Hitman, I was 19 if I recall correctly.


55 years old, divorced, 6 kids, living on welfare


Looking good Abeg. Silver fox. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


16 ⌿ ⍀ ⍁ ⍂ ⍉ ⍊ ⍋ ⍎ ⍏ ⍑ ⍒ ⍕ ⍖ ⍘ ⍙ ⍚ ⍛ ⍜ ⍝ ⍞ ⍠ ⍟ ⍡


I’m 26. Been here since I was 14.