Poll: How old Hitman players are?


Are you sure you can play hitman on that?


Still have those ancient CRT monitors I see. I never liked those because of the huge bulky case.


Lol at all the 23 year olds worrying about how old they are


I know :frowning:
But it’s still magic day because it was first IOI thought to release a game on this day.


I must buy such a wonderful chair you’ve got.


I turn 25 on the 16th.

Better order one of these:


12 years, huh? Time well spent i’d say!


26 years :ok_hand:t4:I’ve been on this forum for over 10 years now…




Pretty young for an AI…


35 isn’t old, it’s just not “young”. Like I said, I’ll be there next month, but it does seem things hurt more now :confused:


24, been here ten years. Crazy how much the forum changed.


this thread in a nutshell


You’ll be able to claim you’re having a mid-life crisis!

I have chronic pain due to scoliosis, so things have been hurting for me since I was 20 - though I have noticed that I need to start going to the gym now or I start to need to slow down.


The scroll to find my birth year on websites is getting uncomfortably long.

…and I’m only 23.


I don’t like to reveal my age since some people tend to hold that against you in social networks.

I have learned this the hard way.


It’s nice to know there are a lot of older players of Hitman :slight_smile: . I’m 29


So, how old are you?


That’s mostly because Hitman requires patience. Something that younger people tend to lack for the most part.


I agree with this statement. We can’t say ALL younger gamers are like that, but yes, it’s very true for the majority. The Call of Duties and such has given this newer generation a “run and gun” mentality. I have a step son, he’s in mid teens, and he has zero chance of playing Hitman because he just can’t take the time, pay attention to detail, or have the patience to stealthy move through a mission, he just wants to shoot everything lol. I’ve seen this a lot with younger gamers, and it’s kinda sad really.