Poll: How old Hitman players are?


Sorry to hear that man. It just seems things take longer to heal now, colds, pulled muscles etc… I rarely have those issues, but when they do pop up, it sucks lol. My Wolverine-like healing powers are diminishing :frowning:


I’m also clinging to 29. Maybe if this new game really rocks we will get an influx of younger fans. A graffiti tag in one of the new games levels would certainly help (=

I know Square has their own forums and wants people to use those, but I doubt they specifically told IO not to do something like this (=


Just few trailers with 47 killing everyone on the map would help to gain younger audience.


They’re way way way ahead of you


Ahead? Sure thing. Majority of Hitman games has such trailers. Kids love them including me :smiley:


The worst silent assassin advertise I’ve ever seen. :smiley:


Too bad you have a link to your old account on your profile which contains your birthday then. :stuck_out_tongue:


fak. Guess I’ll just have to deal with it.

Or remove the link


Oh no, the removal of that link seems to have eliminated the information my memory as well! If only there was a topic where you discuss your personal life that might contain some clues to your age.

This is why I’m not on facebook


I’m am 25, turning 26 in 2 weeks:) First encounter with Hitman was a demo I got with Playstation Magazine. I can’t even remember how many hours I put into Anathema. Good times!


17 in two months. Have played all the games


Same here. Official U.S. PlayStation Magazine, November 2002, Issue 62. I still have the demo disc.


Same here also. It was probably my first real 3d game, I was 7,8 years old. Now I’m 20. :grimacing:


Silent assassin my ass! What a false advertising!


87 years old. Was the first man in the queue when codename 47 was released! Ha

I’m actually 25, been playing Hitman since 2001-2002.


Started playing in 2002 at 28. You do the math. I actually don’t play many other video games other than Hitman.


I will always play games for my entire life. Gaming has been constructed into my mind since i was a lil kid. No matter how old I become or no matter I do. I don’t think I can stop playing game at someday. Fuck yeah Game4Life.


nah just kidding. i’m 17.


I just turned 24 on December 21. My first Hitman was Silent Assassin and recently finished Absolution in Purist, because i was bored and had nothing else to play with. :smile:


I’m 32. Just discovered the franchise this year, sadly. Better late than never, right? xD

Also, for those saying how old they feel- remember that 47 turned 51 this year. And he was 35 when he escaped the Asylum. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

There’s still hope is the point.