Poll: How old Hitman players are?


When you say discovered, do you mean like never seen or heard of the game before? or just got into it this year? :open_mouth:


I’d never even heard of it before late November, when I saw Hitman: Absolution on the playlists of one of the LPers I watch. The name intrigued me, so I watched it. Since I enjoyed it, I looked up LPs of the rest of the games. I fell in love after seeing them. :slight_smile: Now I’m getting the chance to play them.Stuck like Hell on Silent Assassin, but eh. I’m persistent.


It has great voice acting.


I remember warning you about this a bit ago before you got started. I was all like, “SA is NOT easy”. And it’s not. But the rewards for accomplishing a mission with your own custom-made plan are enormous.


Yeah. xD I never said I wasn’t warned. I finally beat SA, though. On Contracts now. :slight_smile: And it was rewarding to beat it for myself.


Nice man. Contracts will be a treat, especially since you haven’t played C47. The Hong Kong remakes drag the experience down for me because – unlike the Rotterdam remakes which are completely re-imagined and the Traditions of the Trade remake which is a level so good that having a second version is totally cool – they just seem like retreads that don’t add much new or interesting, and there’s 4 of them in a row. But you won’t have that problem since you haven’t played C47!

The change in tone from SA to Contracts really is an impressive feat. It’s too bad that BM couldn’t capture as strong a unique tone as SA and Contracts did, because BM really did imo perfect the sandbox level design and is therefore the most replayable.


Hope you have a lot of fun with Contracts dude, seeing as how you smashed Silent Assassin so quickly I’ll imagine it won’t take you very long to finish Contracts. Hope you have fun, Contracts is my favourite Hitman and you’ll see why.


I plan to have fun. :slight_smile: I love these games even more by playing them.


I’m going to do something really drastic and bump this topic up so new members see it.


@FantumX :smiley::laughing: here you go mate.


Got it. Im the inconceivable 48+


Awesome I better still be gaming at that age or I have failed at life :joy:.


25 years old here. Been playing Hitman since I was 14 :slight_smile:


I am also 25 and probably started around the same age don’t really remember was a long time ago.


I remember back then playing the demo for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin and was dying to have it. Wanted the game so much I tricked my dad into buying it for me :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh man, since we have more than 100 voters, it doesn’t even show in the percentages : /


41 in April…


Turning 25 this year. Been playing since 2000.


Funny including my post last 3 Hitman fans in their 40s. I’m 41. I’ll play until 47 then I’m done. :smiley:


I’m gonna go ahead and assume the people who clicked ‘13 and younger’ were joking.