Poll: How old Hitman players are?


58 and counting. :slight_smile: Hitman and Mafia are my favorites.


Impressive young lad. For me it’s Hitman & Splinter Cell. Been with them both from the beginning and never miss a release date. My ONLY two must-haves.


24 years young, but 25 in May♉️


Iam 24 years old.



I was 16 when silent assassin came out, and have been a big fan of the series ever since. I am 30…NNNOOOOOO!!! WHY GOD, I DONT WANT TO GET OLD


29 year old Dane here.

Played Codename 47 at 14 when it came out in year 2000, so I’ve followed and loved the series from the very beginning.


Lookin good gurl! …I’m 26, been playing since CN47. I think i was like 13? 14 maybe back then, been nerdin out on these games since !


8 and a half :stuck_out_tongue:


Sixteen and a half :one::six:,:five:


Seventeen and a half… :sunglasses:


As time goes by this scene becomes more and more relevant :stuck_out_tongue: Fortunately I have one more year before I go through Joey’s mental breakdown.
29 here and my first experience with the Hitman franchise was just one and a half month ago when i bought the new game ( I’m a filthy casual noob :slight_smile: )


Turning 25 in 16 days. Playing Hitman since I was 12 or maybe 11. Codename 47 was my very first stealth and shooter. Besides that I only had Age of Empires 1 on my Pc and a Spiderman game




You changed avatar? Looks good, but I wondered who it was until I saw your name :smile:

To stay on topic
I’m 18


Yup. I too recognize people from their avatar and not name. And that is pepsi and not some beer for those wondering :smiley:


As proven by you constantly returning and hoping you won’t get banned.

The definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for different results, “dummie”.


nice avatar. did some quick stalking. just thought I’d share. sorry for going off topic

I’m 43 years old btw.


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30 years old…