Professional Difficulty Level


What??? you can kill him through the wall? I didn’t know that and I’m sure I tried before.

Why are people not using this to rekky?

EDIT: Got’em


And to put the cherry on top I can’t get Sean Rose to come down into the basement whatsoever. I’m starting to hate this game. They really need to fix it badly. The whole game is fundamentally broken on so many levels.


Different strat, this ties any% rekky as well huehuehue


Would love to see this video. I got 0:42 as well but not SA. :sweat:


Suit Only rekky

Getting them on pro then uploading all 4 videos


Try deleting and reinstalling the game. Sometimes it can clean up some patch after patch bugs. And never turn off your game while it’s loading at anytime. It can corrupt or screw up files. Not saying this is it, but this is worth a try if it’s frustrating you that much.


Less talky, more rekky uploady. :smile:


Do you ever get tired of butchering every score in your way, naughty beast? :grinning:


Got it on pro, this is an intereting rekky as well, I present to you… the highest score ever in HITMAN!


Congrats m8



Thanks I’ll try that soon. I moved on to try the Sniper Assassin challenge and now I apparently have witnesses so I can’t finish it lol


Situs Inversus SA (39s)

Situs Inversus SA/SO (47s)

Pro/SA (42s)

Pro/SA/SO (47s)


I’m thinking the Explosion itself doesn’t kill Soders… but maybe it triggers the Surgical Robots to stab him?


Nah, it’s explosion. I put C4 in adjecent room and detonated it while standing next to Soders. He died just like if you shot him. Thing with Soders is, he (unlike other NPCs) has only one HP, so any form of damage (even mosquito bite) would kill him.


So why is there a delay? Slow death animation? He’s not just flung away from his bed?

See? This is the difference between me and all these speedrunners… If I wanted to CX Remote Explosive Erich Soders I’d walk right up to him and place it right beside him. He can look at it closely while I wave the Detonator in front of his face…:stuck_out_tongue:

Soders: “Yoooooouuuuu!”

Me: “YEP!”



Yep. Even if you headshot him, there is animation of him going limp and machine going into standby mode, before death confirmation.


That makes him the one corpse in the entire game you can’t Drag after death then since he’s “script-locked”?


Isn’t Strandberg’s aftermassage body also undragable?


Yes. You can’t drag him, just like SIlvio.


Ah right… never occurred to me to try and drag any of those bodies.

I mean… so uncouth…:stuck_out_tongue: