Professional Difficulty Level


I was surprised Sapienza Pro skipped the “Beyond the Grave” opportunity completely. Would have been a better than two Lafayette kills.


They should’ve also taken out the second food poison kill for Tee Time.


Hello. Have a question:

I would like to start the difficulty level professional in Sapziena.

Challenge: Cliff Diving - Assassinate Silvio Caruso by pushing him off a cliff.

There is no more rat poison, you have to take the poison as an item.

How do you get the item (yellow ampoule) or other items?
When I watched videos, I’ve got much more items than me.


For that challenge, you can use another ingredient, found in the kitchen area, to poison Silvio’s soup.


I’m fairly certain the expired spaghetti sauce is not in the kitchen in pro-mode.

You unlock them by getting Mastery in the normal mode missions, and you get Mastery by completing the challenges of those missions.
To get the Emetic Poison vial you need level 10 Mastery in Marrakesh.


You should first do the other missions like Marrakesh, Bangkok or
Colorado to get the required items for the professional difficulty level?

Did I understand that correctly?

Edit: What rewards do you get when you play the difficulty level professional in Sapziena?


I believe some of kitchen staff have expired sauce can on them. Have fun knocking them down. Some NPC might also carry rat poison, but I don’t recall which. Basicly you need one run, where you go around killing/knocking down people just to find who carries what.


There still is an expired can at the attic.


This mode is a challenge but what makes it a challenge seems ‘unprofessional’ in some aspects. For example how players have to aquire items and disguises by subduing more NPC’S then you should be doing if you were a professional Hitman. Many differences between normal and pro hinge solely on having to takeout more NPC’S to aquire something, or take a different route because of a strategically placed camera. Challenging yourself in normal mode by not using opportunities or limiting your saves to one or not using instinct can all be done without the need for pro mode. The sense of logic with disguises ruined cannot be worn or cameras detecting you trespassing or holding a weapon should be in normal mode in the 1st place. Grinding for the same challenges under stricter conditions and having to merely extend the time it takes you to do the same thing in normal mode isn’t appealing either. A new normal mode perhaps with options to include what is fresh in pro or not during each playthrough would have been a better solution.


I thought the Plague Doctor uses the circumcision knife to kill Caruso while he cries over his baby pictures


Hey @MrAgent:

There are many ways to do Cliff Diving.

You can take emetic poison with you like in my video:

Emetic Rat Poison is on the Mansion Security guard that is in the camera room on the second floor.

And to everyone that said there was not, there IS a can of expired spaghetti sauce in the attic. It is all the way in the back on the right.

Bringing poison with you is the best bet.


You don’t need to do that. Poison his food and when he pukes over the cliff, slit his throat with the specified knife. Maybe it’s a bugged challenge if that’s the case. I never done the baby pictures. Lol


It’s more fun to kill Silvio while that music is playing.


Sorry man, I did not see that you had written this before me. I also wrote it in the Professional item location thread a few days ago.


No problem. While everyone gets to know it, it’s fine.


I can both agree and disagree with your statement. It would have been awesome had they come up with new ways to kill the targets. NO ONE will question that. However, Pro mode does force you to rethink. A lot of the old strategies will not work. Consider this however: the challenge of NOT taking those people out to get items. I am playing Pro mode in order so I was in Paris and now Sapienza with items I did not originally have access to. Sniping is a MILLION times easier with the Sieger 300. Having multiple poisons is great as well.I try hard to make runs where I make use of my limited slots. For example, I did not bring the breaching charge one time because I knew I was getting a key card from either Francesca or the female lab tech. In my most recent video I did take the charge because Francesa was last after Silvio and the virus. I put assassinations together that mesh well to limit the amount of tools necessary.


My latest Sapienza Pro run. This is what I mean about using limited tools and not counting on the stuff people drop.


I didn’t say what’s more fun, I just said how you can complete the challenge. Haha.

And I never knew about these baby photos. That’s new to me. I should try that though.


By “baby photos” I am referring to the images on the VHS tape. I sat and looked at them for a bit before killing Silvio once and they are hysterical (to me).