Professional Difficulty Level


I was unaware of that.


On console, their position doesn’t matter. They always investigate. Lol.


“Crime Noticed” means an NPC has observed an illegal act has happened and will react to it. That doesn’t mean they’ve Spotted you or anything. It just means that e.g. a civilian will run and get a guard, or a guard will rush toward where he thinks the crime was committed.

When an NPC is legshotted they “notice” the “crime” of themselves being shot in the leg. They can’t actually do anything about it until they recover from the legshot animation, as during that time they can’t do anything else or see anything happening. If that guy had stood up it would’ve registered as Spotted + Combat because of the way legshotting a guard works. If he’d been knocked out he would’ve probably been a Body Found by the other guard. But because the level ended before he could stand up he wasn’t a body (not KO’d or dead) and hadn’t managed to register Combat yet (as a guard can’t do that until they stand up).


Just here to reiterate that I find the changes to combat and item restrictions ridiculous. Why can’t guards carry wrenches or even softballs without it being suspicious?

Oh and civilians distinguishing between guards weapon types? They should just leave it to silenced weapons/snipers for other guards I feel. I like other changes though, like restricted saves or the changes to cameras. Okay I’m done ranting lol


@VitaminD Let me ask you a question. Even though it’s suspicious for a guard to carry a wrench, what can you do with it anyways? You can’t KO someone if another NPC is around. You can’t unscrew an oil pan from a vehicle as a guard anyways. You can’t toss it for a distraction if another npc sees you toss it. They’ll just dismiss the distraction and tell you that you can’t throw your garbage on the ground.

So my question is what benefit would you have in carrying a wrench while disguised as a guard?

You would just holster it until you need it. But think about that and let me know what you think.


Gameplay wise the only thing that’s really affected is frontal knockouts, being able to walk up to someone then attack them with it doesn’t affect “Never Spotted” if you’re going for SA rating so you’d be spotted before that could happen unless you were fast enough. You could get spotted just picking up the item before you even holster it. You’re right, but it’s about logic. It doesn’t really make any sense.

My question to you is, why even make it suspicious at all? If a baseball is suspicious why not soda cans? Even the fiber wire is not suspicious. (is that because it’s invisible? Joking…)

I really think they should’ve just left restrictions alone because it just feels like artificial difficulty.


Unconscious Witness seems to KO silent assassin, even if they are boxed. At least, that is what I experienced.


Running into a Marrakesh glitch here.

Trying to do Dance Till You Drop combined with A Room With a Moose since I can make it a full explosion run.

I do the run a certain way to facilitate suit retrieval.

Run to rooftop across from shisha den, KO Malin and 1 other guard. Cross over to shisha den, KO pissing soldier and take disguise. Walk over to back room and turn on ice machine. KO waiter and take disguise. Poison shisha pipe, KO Jeff and take cameraman disguise. switch back to soldier.

Run up to Headmaster roof, KO him and soldier. Enter school through side door and get Military Officer disguise.

The guard that patrols outside the prisoner room will not let me dismiss him so the radio never appears. I can do the run other ways and it works but my suit is left in inconvenient places. Any thoughts as to the problem?

EDIT: Found a way to make it work.


I’m trying to achieve Silent Assassin Suit only in Colorado. Pretty hard so far with all those added cameras and one save slot.
But I’m at a very good point. Very frustrating but I’m there in finding out a good way. My main technique is to subdue guards and hide them near where a target will come so I have a clear path to do everything with out getting spotted.


If you’re looking for idea’s try this mate, understand if you wanna find your own route :+1:


No no, I want to discover things by my own. I will maybe watch it once I done it my way


No probs dude :ok_hand: Good luck!


Means it will be a huge pain in the ass for me because I do not use saves.


Its an enormous pain in the ass. I don’t know how many times I had to restart till I got it right to kill the first 2 targets. And even when you do every time the same exact way there is always some NPC in the way that can spot you or some really stupid stuff.
For example. I trow something to distract a specific guard. For some reason the one that I wanted to distract turn around to see what it is. But who knows why the guard that was over the fence which is more distant than the one I’m aiming to comes to check.


Trust me, I feel your pain.


Finally did it, my Pro SA/SO Fiber Wire Only run of Marrakesh


It took me really a lot to get it right. Plus this game is incredible. You can do the same path a million times there is always a guard or a NPC who can see you moving a body 0,001 mm out of the corner.
Then when you kill a target and hide it in an open space. Her fucking bodyguard decides to go exactly where you hid her with a nice ? on his head.
I didn’t use any accidents, just subdue guards, hide them, strangle target and hide them.

Oh wait, I was talking about Colorado


That was awesome. I have not tried this because Personal Touch is not a Pro challenge. Only thing I would recommend is that in Pro, coins seem to always work better than other objects. In the consulate, I got the first guard with the vacuum cleaner. The second with a coin. I use the subdue from the side method.

Also, I am about to post a Marrakesh Silent Sniper Assassin vid. Hope you check it out.


And now I got the Sniper. Pretty cool. Ave maria gives a bit that Blood Money feel. Besides this sniper and the ICA 19 silenced with the extended mag, there it no reason in completing all the challenges on professional.
The cristal ball is a pure joke. The Napoleon explosive has just a funny name, we have a lot of explosive we don’t need. The emetic syringe can be useful too. You have the modern emetic plus this one it could be useful during a mission.


My reason for completing Pro Mode is just having the personal satisfaction of having done it. Also, it is good training to keep me from getting rusty.

Apparently my gears are still turning cuz I pulled THIS off!