Professional Difficulty Level


Must agree here. Doing Silent Assassin Suit only is a big challenge. Colorado was the worst one. I still have to do the rest.


You saying Colorado is the worst one sends shivers down my spine. I started Bangkok yesterday (doing them in order) and I am DISGUSTED.

Do not make Suit only and Silent Assassin, Suit Only challenges when you hide the hard drive in a room with three security guards, on a floor that you HAVE to have a disguise to get to that door and you have two effing cameras aimed right at the hard drive!!!

I mean, it is doable and I have destroyed it, but if you have taken out that thing you can forget about suit only.


You can shoot the cameras. I did so in Colorado and got the silent assassin any way. Even if you trow something in a head to neutralize the npc in front of a camera it won t spot the act.
I hope with this info it will become more easy


On every Pro-map I began with SA-SO rund without any unlocks. Yea Colorado was messy, mostly because of having only one save. Bangkok was it’s own thing indeed. I killed Morgan with a falling object, sneaked into the kitchen and got the topping for Jordan and then went on the roof - saved. Then I lured out every. single. partymember but the guy who calls Dexy once the topping are on it. Was quite hard to poison the cake unseen but damn was I glad to get out of there. Making an exit is it’s own topic on this Pro map, you’ll see.

There is no suit-passable exit point.


I know about the exits and I am shooting the cameras. This run has me shooting 7 cameras. I could easily do something else, but I only do runs that net me mastery and I only start from the original entrance. Most SA/SO Pro vids I see people taking shortcuts and that’s fine, but not how I play.


Video will go up sometime today. I had to freakin’ meditate & breathe to get past all the head turns and utter BS.


Sapienza rekky huehue


I can never do the drop in the cave. Also takes me forever to shoot the virus.


Hey guys, how’s it goin’?


This is a long one (THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!)

This is the only Pro SA/SO run for Bangkok I could find that has no shortcuts taken. As always, no beef with those who do.


Dunno what you mean by shortcuts but I assume you mean a kill must unlock a challenge. You could have avoided some stress by ignoring the top floor completely by doing the cake smother. I dont do bury the hatchet in this but you still could using your method. Avoiding the top floor makes things a lot easier imo!


Nah dude, your run here was fantastic. Using a kill that is not in the challenges is fine. That video is my first Marrakesh Pro run, so for me, doing one not in the list is counter-productive. Plus I do walkthroughs that people can follow and potentially improve upon.
I started to explain what I meant in the video by shortcuts. Starting at a location in the mission in the disguise is a shortcut. Anything that bypasses obstacles you would normally have to deal with is a shortcut.

Ex. In Bangkok, starting in 47’s suite is a shortcut because you don’t have to deal with cameras but the ICA safehouse in Sapienza is not because it just saves you a few seconds.

Also in Sapienza, starting at the Harbor or the ruins is still a legit entrance to the level. 47 used to come in by speedboat in earlier games anyway.

^^^^These starting locations are shortcuts. How did he get there AND get a disguise?

I also don’t personally like using FE kills or kneecapping people as a “distraction.” I use the disclaimer that I don’t knock anyone that does because this is my personal preference. This is why I don’t have any speed runs.


Thanks man! I understand what you mean by shortcuts too. I agree that FE’s are bs and I rarely use them unless i dont see another option. Kneecapping however is a mechanic I do like. I understand not everyone likes it but I like having options when I play. The more the better. I do get where you are coming from tho since it is a bit silly that they dont see you.


Options are fantastic. It is not at all bad that things like that are IN the game, I just try to make my HITMAN runs somewhat (and I really stress SOMEWHAT) believable.

About to do my Bangkok Sniper Assassin. Found a really easy way. Too bad I cannot SA it.

Looking at the challenges . . . Or CAN I?


Well I’ll be very interested to see if you can pull it off!
Just as a word of advice, for Sniper Assassin in Colarado, sniping from Maya’s barn is much easier than the water tower. Guards swarm the water tower making it almost impossible to escape. Get Ezra in the shed from the stairs, Penelope in the greenhouse from the hay bale window, and im sure you can figure out how to get Rose and Parvati from there :wink:


To do the dropdown glitch in the cave you have to press “Dropdown” while aiming your gun.


thanks man. I will have to try that out.

@TrueBlueMC, I was not able to make Bangkok Sniper Assassin a silent run. I had a plan mapped out but the game was against me. Either I did not have enough time to clear the area or the people that notice the crime are not in a place where I could viably KO them until the final part (where I did not have enough time to KO them).


Centerstrain01 is currently streaming, in case anyone is intrested:
I shared because he doesn’t have a hitmanforum account.


@TrueBlueMC, I did however, have a lot of fn with making the video.

Gonna try one more method to maybe see if I can get this to be silent assassin.


@RW_Slick I think I might have an idea… At the moment it wont be suit only but give me a while to try some things…