Professional Difficulty Level


@RW_Slick Ok so unfortunately I don’t have time to do this over the next few days but it looks like it may be feasible to get it by using the cake opportunity on Jordan. Time it right, he will be alone around the time you kill Morgan in his suite and you can shoot him from the queen suite and hopefully escape before people discover his body.

For Suit Only, do the cake opportunity, kill cross, hide his body, and then do the bury the hatchet opportunity like you did before. Using a loud gunshot distraction should allow you to KO the letter guy quicker if you panic him whilst he is in the bathroom. Using the panic from the gunshot may make it easier to place the topper, I’m not sure tbh.

I don’t like doing the sniper kills where you are a few feet away but I can’t ser an alternative. It would be cool if some targets could be lured to areas where a sniper kill would hide the body like in the Sniper game that came with absolution.


How would I get the sniper rifle into the basement though???


Even with the restrictions in this game. I decided to finish this mission! Full HUD Display Off/Fibre Wire Only/Suit Only/Silent Assassin/No Cameras Destroyed/No Coins Used/Default Location


Slide down the pipe by 47’s room and go into the door right beside it. Unlock it from the inside if you have no inventory space left. You can get into the basement that way. From memory, I can’t remember if it is possible to sneak to the linen room from there but it might be!


Anyone know how I can resolve this?

Trying to do the “Icing on the Cake” mission (smother Jordan in his birthday cake)

I start from the main entrance, get my room key, sneak into the kitchen then the pantry and get a chef disguise.

Take the cake topper, go up to the second floor and sneak across the rooftop atrium into the birthday room. I put the topper on and they call Dexy.

Dexy and Jordan never come down. I checked my insight and they are on their regular routes despite the party room anxiously awaiting their arrival.


You have to restart I’m afraid. It’s a common Pro bug.


I did restart the mission. Same thing. Do you mean close the game?


No, I restarted and it fixed itself. Try a few times.


Same thing happened to me. A simple restart of the mission, not console/pc, did the fix.


I appreciate the responses guys. I will try it shortly. I did restart once and it did the same thing. I have had to restart more than that on runs that did work so no huge deal.


So I got it done. I was combining Icing on the Cake with Don’t Forget to Flush because they were so similar in style. Turns out I did the same exact thing on normal, so I wanted to at least reverse the order, killing Cross first. That is where the glitch happened so I had to kill Morgan first and then everything worked.


I cannot freaking win!
Got Icing on the Cake done so I figured I had better do Have Your Cake since it is in the same room. Now I have a new problem. Jordan comes down, but only halfway. Cannot wait to get the fuck out of Bangkok. It is not even hard, just annoying as hell.


I know you’re playing pro mode for the satisfaction of completing it and to challenge yourself and maintain your Hitman edge, but that map sapped my will to continue playing pro and is the only map I have mastered fully in pro because I wanted the auto suppressed pistol which is badass for cleaning rooms if you’re into gunplay. Keep your eye on the prize man whatever it may be to you personally👍


I appreciate the pep talk. I am not giving up. I keep trying different things. Once I get passed this, the only mildly difficult challenge is Oh Snap. The rest I believe I can do easily. I have a way to get them both simultaneously in Nutcracker that should still work in Pro


When you get to level 10 on Sapienza, you get the antique emetic syringe, whats the big deal, is there anything special about it?


It is the same as the modern one but you might have new possibilities after being able to bring two doses into a mission.


Some says it works faster and more quiet than the normal one, i don’t know if that is the case.


The Krugermeier is an antique gun and it is the most quiet of all pistols. Even on Pro, sometimes enforcers do not notice. It is possible that antique syringes are better also.


The Krugermeier is not antique, that’s just the colour style. There is no difference between antique and modern syringes.


Oh well, at least the Krugermeier offers some extra silence.