Professional Difficulty Level


“some”? Jesus, the thing IS the definition of silence, when it’s nothing of the sort in real life.

It feels like most of the weapons in game need a pitch change for their firing noise.


All syringes are 100% silent.


I never use the Krugermeier cuz for 1) you lose distance for a kill if need be (even on a headshot), and 2) it works well for short distance noise distraction.



I am an HWK kinda guy


OK… I’m down to just the following Challenges on Colorado:

Sniper Assassin
Suit Only
Sniper Assassin / Suit Only
Cleaning Up - Drown Sean Rose in Water Trough
Wild Rose - Kill Penelope Graves by pushing her into Slurry Pit

I have NO idea how to do the Suit Only stuff.
I think I have a fighting chance if I can get to the basement. But how to get there just in my suit?

I don’t mind if I don’t kill anyone on the way, I just want to know how to get into the farmhouse.


This is an easier version than the fibre wire only run I did above. Maybe this can help! Can be done around 7 minutes from default location…


Asking for help and I am open to suggestions. I have restarted like crazy. I need to get this shit DONE. I should be out of freakin’ Bangkok already!


So I have put Have Your Cake behind me now. Had to use the Don’t Forget to Flush kill on Morgan to make it happen, which makes the video much longer. I am still pissed. I really hope Io fixes this cuz you can see from above how streamlined my run was gonna be.


Hm, have you tried to kill Jordan first?


I was going to try that, but the technical aspect of getting the chef disguise without addressing Morgan just made for a much longer run. I wanted to just do Tasteless, Traceless on morgan combined with Have Your Cake but instead wound up combining that with Don’t Forget to Flush (which I have already done). Bottom line is that I can move forward now.


I don’t know if this can help you:

The Birthday Cake method I used is very similar to this one:

Worked like a charm. But had to restart once when Jordan Cross aborted walking down - it tends to happen if anything interrupted the sequence leading to Jordan coming down for the birthday cake. In my case I was “slightly spotted” (Someone got a “?” while I was making my way back to hiding while putting the cake topper on once).

On the restart I did it clean and everything happened as expected. :slight_smile:

I did it by killing Ken Morgan first by poisoning the food he tastes, going into the Kitchen, grabbing the Cake Topper and doing the rest pretty much as in the video from @TrueBlueMC .

Good luck! You’re a better player than me! Should be a walk in the park for you. :wink:

I also made these notes after I finished pulling it off:


I’m down to one challenge.

It’s either Sniper Assassin, SA/SO, or SO. Of course, if I can adapt enough things from your solution, like Bangkok, I can get SA/SO + SO in a single run. That would be 1 challenge in excess of the 18 minimum required for Level 10 Master (ironic considering how tough Colorado has been for me).

I also figure I can do Sniper Assassin from the Barn (although I’m still thinking how I can get Ezra Berg this way as there seems to be no clear shot in the Shed except when he’s walking past the window, and no good vantage point except from the stairs at the back of the Barn…but maybe that will do).


You can do the sniper assassin from the water tower, just hide in the container after each kill and kill the 3 guards on the roof where the container is before you start to kill the targets, i did that and it worked perfectly :smiley:.


I got caught more than once sliding down the ladder after taking a shot.


When i did the sniper challenge, I just used my route & brought a sniper rifle. You can do it from the water tower, but it can be a pain the ass :smiley:


Stand on the stairs that lead to the top floor of the barn. You can see Berg through the window of the shed. If you take out the two elite guards there too (actually not that tricky) he can be taken out silently. However if you find the moving shot too dificult, shooting the fuse box outside of the shed after taking the two guards out lures berg outside for a stationary shot.


When I made my SOSA cake video, this opportunity was bugged as well. It was a dice roll if Cross decided to come down.


Has anyone pointed out that being in say, a guard disguise with a suspicious weapon equipped is basically Absolution’s disguise system?


Alright, now I hate Pro mode even more that I hated it before


I appreciate the help. I did not do this suit only, so there were nothing interrupting Jordan’s walk downstairs. I actually sat and watched him from the party room once. Dexy is the problem. She leads him downstairs but she stops at the front door to the Emperor Suite and starts checking texts indefinitely. At some point, Jordan is like “fuck it,” and goes back upstairs.

I did get past it though.