Professional Difficulty Level


Hokkaido pissing anyone else off? There are so many challenges I wanna combo together, but you gotta hit level 3 just to unlock the ninja disguise


Start with SA/SO for Hokkaido, that should bump you up to lvl 4 or something.


I just made a savegame with Soders dead and one with Yamazaki dead and did most challenges with them. But first I did a SA/SO run which instantly unlocked a couple of levels


That’s a great idea to shave time off the grind, I just might do that if I decide to go for the additional syringe :+1:I would bet that Slick would consider that a violation of his “code of approach” thow​:wink:


Except 47 cannot do that “hand on face Jedi mind trick”. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have always started with SA/SO. That is the problem. I was looking at the challenges thinking of the best way to rack up points. The single best way would be Silent Ninja on your first run because that would net you:

Silent Ninja
Jeg Sauna Hende Ikke
No Heart Feelings
Silent Assassin
Suit Only
Silent Assassin, Suit Only
No Evidence.

35K Mastery would put you halfway to level 6 on the first run but it is impossible because you have to hit level 3 to get the Mountain Approach


You do realise it is just one more extra challenge with the Ninja suit? Six should be enough as a solid start. :wink:


I did the cake twice. Poisoning it as a Kitchen Assistant (really easy!). And then I somehow got it in my mind to do the Cake Smother Kill as Suit Only.

For Colorado, Thank you @TrueBlueMC and @Mvp-Machiavelli for the suggestions. I keep forgetting about fuse boxes being triggered by gunshots! :slight_smile: I could try it a couple of more times.

@OldSchool47 On Colorado, I kept a Pro save game where I already had 3D printed Sean Rose Head, Fibre Wire, Nitroglycerin, 2 x Lethal Poison Syringe, 2 x Lethal Poison Vial, the Garage Key, Explosive Phone Battery, a Wrench, secured some disguises (Militia Elite, Mechanic, Demolitions Man, standard Militia), and already destroyed the security camera recorder. I managed to do around 17 of the challenges from this save alone. :stuck_out_tongue:


I recommend doing other challenges til lvl 3 :wink:


I agree, but you know how when you try to do something one way, you wind up messing up? I am afraid I will get silent assassin? :joy:


Wow now that’s thinking ahead :+1::wink:


You do realize that I am a greedy bastard. I always hit 30 on the first one because it is standard. I wanna hit 35. have not done that since Paris.


Your opening move is indeed super-effective. I can do it (with one difference in route) from the Normal Starting Point all the way to the Red Barn pretty much using the same tactics you did.

It’s the part after exiting the gate near the Red Barn (back outside) that I always mess up, particularly the part with the SUV with one standing/leaning guard, one urinating guard, and that other guy who walks back and forth up on top of the crest. I always end up there with wrong timing and crouch walking around the SUV doesn’t work very well when you’re approached from 2 points. Yes, I’m aware I probably messed up the timing. :stuck_out_tongue:


Which is how I’ve played Hitman games since the beginning! :blush:

It’s the whole “I’m a bald ninja” thing that I never was good at. I’m at my best if you ask me to figure out how to “fool all the security in plain sight Mission Impossible style”. :slight_smile:

For example, to do Sniper Assassin on Bangkok is really easy once you figure out that you can smuggle the sniper rifle upstairs into the Queen Suite Kitchen via pipe climb out of your starting hotel room, and then clear the entire Queen Suite bloodlessly when you accompany Ken Morgan to the Queen Suite as Hotel Staff (everybody just goes upstairs and stays there if Ken Morgan cannot complete the tour).

You can then KO Ken Morgan before he can complete the tour… take all year if you want to take the sniper shot out of the window to kill Jordan Cross (I think that’s also a challenge), then casually walk to where you KO-ed Ken Morgan. Shoot him pointblank with the Sniper rifle and just waltz on out of the place as Hotel Staff.

That’s the stuff that comes naturally to me. :slight_smile:

P.S.: Oh I forgot to add that in that Pro Save I also had the Pointman disguise. :smiley:


I wish I thought of that during Bangkok, and I agree about that shot I reloaded a few times before I nailed that.


Yeah… I remember trying to do it with just the standard Jaeger rifle (before I got Sieger 300) with only 1x Zoom and it felt like an impossible shot. :stuck_out_tongue:


i have to litterally lean my eyes in the monitor to aim with the jaeger 7 lol :wink:


No one is mad at you for that. I have had to in order to use the HWK for shots like the virus.


Looking at the unlocks, I just realised how this game will benefit with the money system of BM. The problem with unlocks for Professional is that they cannot be too useful because not everyone can do the Professional Mode, they also cannot be reskins because not everyone will like it. The money system which Profesional Mode rewards more money (or XP) than Normal Mode will probably solve the problem IMO.


What would also be cool is if the economy was like Gran Turismo where you make 50k or 60k, and then you go into a store and there’s base weapons for 10k and attachments and things that would set you back a few thousand apiece.

And there’s super-special/secret agent stuff that’s in the hundreds of thousands of Hitman Dollars.

The problem with that though is people eventually come up with “ACOG Silenced M-27’s” (see: Call of Duty).