Pros and Cons of Humanizing 47's targets


Maybe one of the reasons I like icon so much is the back story.


To piggy back on this: all the targets in 2016 > Absolution. Can anyone even name the three of Wade’s hitmen? The names of the Hope Cougars other than Lenny? I enjoy having the background on the targets.


Goon 1, Goon 2 and Goon 3.:grin:

As for the Hope Cougars, I think one of them was called Landon.

Btu to be fair: Does anyone remember the names of the Russian Generals from Silent Assassin? Or of any of the targets from Afghanistan?


Vladimir Zhupikov, Major Marakov, the Unnamed one you shoot with the sniper, Mikhail Bardachenko, Sheikh Abdul Malik, Lieutenant Ahmed Zahir, Colonel Muhammid Amin and…damn I can’t remember the name of the target from Tunnel Rat!

Google’d it: Yussef Hussein!

Edit: It’s Khan Abdul Bismillah Malik - not Sheikh, this isn’t the Arab Peninsula


I’m impressed. Couldn’t remember most of their names.


I think that’s because I played a lot of Hitman 2 though, it was the first one I had. Although I did play the demo of Codename 47 when it first came out!


I’m not sure if I classify him as innocent given he was happily ruining careers and probably going to put hundreds of people out of jobs because he’d found a way to exploit a contract for the gratification of his ego. Largely the difference between him and Strandberg was one of scale, after all Strandberg didn’t want the coup and violence etc, he just wanted to prove he could steal the money (“it wasn’t about the money, it was about the game.”)

He’s not a super criminal, but he’d probably rate fairly high on the Psychopathy Checklist and has zero compunctions about ruining the lives of others for his own benefit.


Anyway, while we feel sorry for them, we are still willing to kill humanized targets like Silvio Caruso and Jordan Cross.


Jordan Cross is an asswipe with no good qualities and I don’t care if he finds out I said that. He bitches all day long about his father, while living in the lap of billion-dollar luxury at his expense, despite the fact that Thomas bailed his bitch ass out when he got mad and killed his girlfriend after cheating on her. THEN when he kills another person and after 30 minutes of talking shit about his father, calls him for help! AGAIN!

And he has stupid hair.


Well, as far as I’m concerned, I thought killing Caruso while he’s watching his homemade videos was depressing. He’s just so sad, it’s deflating.

I didn’t remember the line “I can do anything I’m paid to do”, but I think it’s nicely ambiguous. It can imply he does whatever as long as he’s paid, or that he doesn’t have to do something just because he’s paid or that he can’t actually do anything unless he’s paid, all at once. It does sum up his character nicely, in a way.

This comment by 47 from the cutscene at the airport got me wondering, as well:

“A Shadow client? Someone was rich, the contract was just. How is this our problem?”

He’s doesn’t say the contract was “paid”, “legitimate” or “in order”, he says “just”. So I guess he does care about justice?


From a concept artists point of view… there was an indication on not just one, but all of 47’s targets having a common trait and that common trait is something shared by his fathers, “humans trying to be Gods” and 47 is the consequence of their actions. Humans that go out of their way be it for any reason forget themselves, the hunger for power and control all of it hits back. 47 is nothing but a tool for the natural order of the things… cause and effect. At least that was the case till Blood Money. There was some depth behind every target and a real connected storyline. Now this Bond Bullshit is cringy beyond comparison.


Though I agreed with what he said. “So I made a mistake. Is that worth taking my life?” or something to that effect. I’ve never thought of myself as the good guy while playing Hitman.


Yeah he was just trying to grovel his way out by belittling Hannah Highmoore’s death as “a mistake” and implying that his life is worth something.

47 should have replied: “If by mistake you mean been a jerk to everyone you know, produced generic millenial music, smashed up hotel rooms, endangered an economically important clandestine cabal of kingmakers through your song titles, cheated on someone and then killed them for standing up to you, bitching about your father all day long and being vegan - then yes, it is worth your life. The contract is just.” - then roundhouse kicks him to the ground.

But in all seriousness yes, Hitman is unique in that it is morally ambiguous. It doesn’t force you to resist hurting innocents (although it is preferred) and it doesn’t make you go on a killing spree. I think 47’s lack of personality means that we, as the players, can imprint ourselves as him.


This is no different than any corporate guy.


In my opinion, 47 is no hero but he’s also not a villain.
If he was, he would have killed diana in the shower, he would have not saved Vittorio.
The point is: He isn’s a cold heart killer, he is almost human.


We all have those that we care about. Even cold hearted people… Darth Vader had Luke, Amon Goth had that pretty Jewish girl, Michael Corleone had his daughter, Doc Holiday had big nose Kate.

What I mean is that 47s feelings for Vittorio, Dianna and/or the girl in absolution don’t mean he isn’t cold hearted. He isn’t 100% cold hearted, but most people aren’t.