Realistic Pencil / Charcoal Drawings


So here’s some pictures I’ve been working on. I started drawing on the 21st of March this year. Let me know what you guys think and please upload your own art :smiley:

The Art Portfolio

My first portrait


Second portrait this time I used much better paper which improved the look.


And my third first charcoal drawing. :smiley: at the start it looked terrible but I persevered.


These are amazing man. I wish I could draw half as good as you lol


I agree with Arvin47. You’re damn good. Even more amazing is that you started not too long ago. Who knows how good you’ll be if you keep it up?

I’d love to see you do a 47 drawing.


Thanks I appreciate your compliments @Mike_Marsbergen @Arvin47 :smile: I don’t know why but I had a compulsion to draw so I went and got some cheapo stuff from the pound store and went to town. Drawing seems to come naturally to me I really enjoy it. I’ll do a 47 drawing at some point which 47 would you like?


Can’t go wrong with this one:


You really captured Duchovny’s likeness there. Is that Scully in the reflection of his shades? Or C.G.B Spender?


super sweet drawings there Rieper!


It’s actually Duchovnys Hodiak character from his cancelled show Aquarius. Ths reflection is Charles Mason. I’ve yet to do a Scully and Mulder one. It’s on the list!


Thanks bud! I’m putting my time into productive ventures instead of blabbering on about Aliens.


They look very good! Especially the details…
I love to draw and paint in my freetime, but I always struggle with the question what I should draw. If I find some of my drawings I’ll post them.


Top quality mate. :ok_hand:


I look forward to a drawing of 47 if you do one :smile:

Great job on these!


Very well done @tobiasrieper.48 .
A lot of hidden surprises you carry.


Thanks folks :smiley: I’m working on Agent 47 as we speak. Hopefully it will come out well. Least I don’t have to draw a beard or hair hahah. @Mister_Rieper hope you can find them and post them up. I draw things / people that interest me if you really like the subject you’re drawing it turns out alot better :smiley:


Ever tried/thought about creating originals instead of studies?


Original pictures? Sorry I don’t understand your question bud. If it pertains to pics I’ve done a few of friends and family haven’t drawn anything from my imagination yet but I will :smiley:


For someone that just decided out of the blue to get the supplies and start drawing, these are really good! Keep it up!

I’ve always liked to draw from a young age.
Using a drawing instruction book by Lee Hammond as a guide (Strathmore 300 Series Smooth Bristol Board Paper, 2B graphite pencil, and tortillons to blend) I drew these way back in 2002 and 2004. I doodle every so often, but sadly I haven’t created anything I would consider a finished “work of art” in ages.