Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Seriously? Wtf.


good high res image of the gang. I feel like I’ve seen some of these faces before. The guy on the far left looks like John Marston a tad bit (though that’s unlikely we’ll be seeing him again, especially looking like that, he was much younger when he was in Dutch’s gang) and the guy second from the right looks like the guy you met in Mexico who mentored you for a bit and taught you dead eye. Anyone else see some familiar faces?


No pc, huh…


no monies for u :pensive:


They’ve never been flawless.Their games are a mixed bag and they treat PC customers like shit - When they even bother to release them on PC that is.


Well, Doom 3 was to Doom what Absolution was to Hitman, total change of franchise’s identity. People did not like that. The new Doom was gold to me, best FPS I’ve played in years.


This’ll be a day one purchase for me. Rockstar have always been my favourite devs.

Fall 2017 as well. Hyped would be an understatement.


And you are basing this on… one artwork? K.


My PC is so hungry for a good western… I suppose deep down i knew that R* wouldn’t do a simultaneous release, maybe not even release it at all

Last good one was COJ Gunslinger, before that… GUN? and before that Outlaws <— that game was epic back in the day.


And you can calm down a bit. What did I say exactly to make you be so vile? Sheesh.

Exactly there is one image, nothing more, and you’re already up in arms spewing venom on me just because you don’t like the title. We know nothing about the game’s story so please, chill out.


Man…no need for that tone,you just risk getting flagged or banned…


Man, I was hoping for a spring release. Hope it’s gonna be worth the wait, but I’m really nervous for the online. Also no PC version sucks for people, but I’m on ps4 so it’s all right


Because I use big boy words calling someone out on being a rude bastard I’m gonna get flagged and banned? Cool.


Calm down, boys. Time to de-escalate.


Because you insult others and tell them to fuck off yes that is why :roll_eyes:.


Telling people to fuck off can result in you getting banned or flagged.Remember what happened to Fortheseven when he called people morons all the time?
He got banned.And he’s not the only one that did because he insulted people.

I’m not attacking you or anything mate I’m just saying what’s best for you…


Rockstar announce a new game and the forum goes ape!


It’s so nice of Rockstar to release the trailer on my birthday. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy birthday Platypus! :grinning:

How old are you?


At least the forum is consistent!


It’s not Thursday yet, but thanks. I’ll tell my age then.