Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


Wow, there is already a petition to bring RDR2 on PC…

Its not like they care or even bother.



most updates only feature a handful of cars, some clothes, weapons etc.


That escalated quickly.

Anyone else delighted they went with Red Dead Redemption 2? I was so sick of people correcting every major news site for calling it RDR2. Nobody cares.


No PC release means my Hype Boner is now flaccid.

Thanks Rockstar.


The only people this hasn’t been free for are people who buy shark cards. At no point has buying a shark card been a necessity, as with every update comes more ways to make money, and there’s almost always double caah events going on so there’s really no excuse for buying one other than having absolutely no time to play, and if you don’t have time to play, the fact that you’re not playing it makes it a non-issue altogether.

@Niobium: You haven’t seen any updates’ patch notes since before Heists, I take it? Because they’ve been offering more since.


That isn’t the point. They’re making more money with less effort, so why would they work on SP DLC?


Rockstar didn’t make Mafia III, it was Hangar 13 and 2K Czech.


This makes me uneasy. If this game serves as a sequel to RDR then I will immediatly lose interest. For one because I did not play the original and second because I am the type of person that thinks that if a script isn’t broken you shouldn’t fix it. In fact, if a script was so memorable, leave it be and dont try to milk the money out of it or you’ll suck it dry and people will get sick of it because you’ll lose its essence (Assassins Creed anyone?).

I liked the idea of a Red Dead 3 unrelated to the other two, just on the same universe like GTA does.


I can confirm that they went with Red Dead Redemption 2 for marketing purposes. Which is, well, why you name something at all. Pretty crazy, right?

But I digress. Point is, I had a big ole chuckle to myself when I saw it, because of people like you :joy:

And for the hardcore among you (you know who you are :+1:t2:) Red Dead Redemption was named as such to seperate itself from the original, as it was a completely different game (and the original was shit). It’s just good marketing, and as @mudslinger will tell you, marketing is important.


I actually loved Revolver. :neutral_face:


I don’t care what it’s called.
Can I ride horses?
Do I get to shoot olde timey guns at stuff?
Can I throw dynamite and blow crap up??!
How about tying NPCs to a train track!!??
Cuz man,… that’s what I wanna do!!

They could call it Rootin’ Tootin’ Cowboy Shootin’ for all I care.
Can cut off mah legs n call me shorty!
It’s a Rockstar game, and a western,…? Well heck pardner, deal me in!
ptooey–(spits imaginary tobacco into imaginary spitoon to emphasize enthusiasm)


would still be better than rdr2


I’ve thoroughly enjoyed every Rockstar game I have played the only ones I haven’t played are tennis, beatorator, bully and Midnight Club. Unfortunately there is no Red Dead Redemption for PC which I think is odd as they would make a ton of sales. In this day and age whenever the Rockstar brand comes up I know there’s a very high probability of it being good. May I ask which titles you didn’t enjoy? Just curious is all :slight_smile:


Good thing I didn’t reply before you edited in your employee joke :joy: Well the reality is quite the opposite, in fact.

I thought it was funny that all the hardcore R* fans complained when news sites called it RDR 2 rather than Red Dead 3, only to have R* call it RDR 2 anyway (What’s will all the R’s, seriously). There’s some irony in that, no?

EDIT: didn’t I call the original shit as well?


Red Dead was a fun original western shooter affair but it does no way stack up to Redemption. I enjoy Redemption more than GTA any day and I love GTA!


+1 All of the above

Great avatar by the way :joy:


Yeah the online component wasn’t great and was bugged to hell but the single player was immense. I really liked the 3 different player perspectives. I’ve never played GTA for multilayer because I don’t think they have the tech for multiplayer to do it justice.


Not sure why you think it’s a sequel.You can see Bill Williams on the picture, and we killed him in the first game. It’s more likely a prequel.


We’ll find out on Thursday anyway. Not long now.


It is not red dead redemption 2, it is red dead 3.
Red Dead:Revolver(1)
Red Dead:Redemption(2)
Red Dead:???(3)
So it is 3rd part, not second…