Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


You should write a letter to Rockstar and tell them they named the game wrong


Just saw that… Lol wtf?


How many copies did Max Payne 3 sell?

SPOILER: not enough


This could still happen though. The announcement of a PC version could still be released only weeks after the consoles. But like you say, I really dislike Rockstar … having such much money from GTAV, and not giving anything to the fans by announcing a PC version of RDR2. I just hope that they are working with a PC version now, and are ready to release it just weeks after, after-all, I can understand it from a marketing perspective, because now people have to buy it. If Rockstar announce a PC version people will just pirate it.


Because it has a number 2 on it? I doubt EA made it fashion to make your sequels with countdown numbers.

It sufices to say I did not play the original.


Its still third game in Red dead series


Super Happy Funtime Cowboy Shoot Em Up

2. :wink:


hahaha i agree, a game who have:

and a:

is something i’m looking forward to :smiley:.


I hope they sell 10 copies


You do know that they changed the name of the game to red dead redemption so that would make this redemption 2. Kinda like how the 3rd evil dead movie was titled army of darkness and the next movie that was announced in 2013 but not made was army of darkness 2 not evil dead 4 army of darkness 2


Maybe rocky balboa shoulda been called rocky 6 or when they make creed 2 cuz Stallone needs money they need to make sure they call it rocky 8 creed 2. Was the scorpion king not part of the mummy series. So that shoulda been mummy 3 scorpion King 2 was mummy 4 and mummy 3 was mummy 5?

Point being it doesn’t matter what they call it not that big of a deal and revolver was on par with army of darkness…not good


Who gives a shit what they call it.

If you think it looks fun, buy it.

If you think it looks shit, yep, you guessed it, don’t buy it.




So they’re not going to make the same mistake again. They’ll sell more copies if they release both versions separately. As you said, they want to maximise profits, obviously.

It’s their game, they can sell it whenever, however and for how much they want. It’s up to you and everyone else to decide if you believe their product is worth it.

Just as an example; I’d like to play the Remastered COD4 multiplayer, but I’m not paying €100 to do it. Not because I have a problem with Activision, or I don’t like how they’re maximising profits, but because I don’t think it’s worth it. Simple.

If your so sure they’re going to release a PC version, just wait till that comes out and buy it then.


Don’t get hung up on the name it has no bearing on how good a game is.


Sadly no :frowning: at least not the original one, that one was my favourite. The second wasn’t bad and the third I didn’t even play lol. They might be on PC but the first one is not :-1:t2:


fuck yes

-20 fuck yes


I loved red dead redemption this should be really good, shame it’s not going to be out for a while :sob:.


don’t know what to tell you. i don’t give a fuck about their profits. i just don’t want to be ripped off.

no i will not get the game since rockstar expects me to buy the game for a console (which i don’t even have) and wait 2 years before i can buy it again on PC. they’re essentially hoping that someone who owns both a console and a PC will buy the game twice. this is anti-consumerist.

if they do not release it for PC then it’s also really bad.

the only way they can redeem themselves is if they announce a PC version and release a quality PC port shortly after consoles.


Theres no way its a sequel. Red Dead Redemption was set during the dying days of the West.