Red Dead Redemption 2 (October 26 2018)


You say you don’t care about their profits, but your the one who keeps telling me how they plan to release the game twice, as that makes them more money. You or I don’t care about that stuff though, so none of that effects us.

They’ve announced a new game, it’s releasing on PS4/Xbone. The last Red Dead never released on PC, so there’s no reason to suspect this one will. You don’t have either of those consoles, so unless your going to buy one, your not going to buy this game. I’m sorry, but I don’t see how your getting ripped off.

I hope there is eventually a PC version, the more people that can play this game the better. But don’t fool yourself, we’re not entitled to it. And R* certainly don’t have to ‘redeem’ themselves by making it.

*No pun intended. I’m actually quoting the post I’m replying to.


Perhaps it’s fair to say that he’s against it for the idea of it being anti-consumer rather than for reasons of profit. That’s how I feel at least.

I mean, clearly there’s no technical or financial reason for them to ignore PC - They just don’t care enough about it.


I really hope no one buys the shit if that’s the case lol.


If you read his ‘angry rant’, you’ll see he’s really pissed at R*. Understandably, considering he’s probably going to have to wait at least a year after ‘Fall 2017’ to play this game on his PC.

Getting angry is no use to anyone though. So I was just trying to explain why R* doesn’t need to make a PC version. Personally, I don’t see how what they’re doing is anti-consumer, considering the vast majority of their consumers are on console.

And as I keep saying, RDR didn’t release on PC at all, so there’s no reason to suggest this will.


Looks like we will have a trailer this week :smiley:.

From IGN:

Red Dead Redemption 2’s first trailer will arrive this Thursday, October 20, at 8am Pacific / 11am Eastern / 4pm UK (that’s 1am AEST on October 21).


I fundamentally agree with your point that no private company “needs” to do anything, and can conduct their business however they wish – But they also have to be aware of and accept any negative consequences that may come as a result of decisions that they make. In the case of Hitman, IO didn’t need to make it a game that requires an internet connection to access what is essentially single player content, but they did just that for a range of reasons – And some people were rightly angry about it. Some people vowed not to buy later episodes unless this was lifted. IO stuck with the system and that was just the bullet they had to bite as a result of a decision they made. Rockstar, however, will literally suffer no negative consequences if they ignore the PC market altogether, because they’ve historically done just that and still seen their games become pop culture phenomenons which smash sales records.

In the industry these days, many games are exclusive out of necessity. For example, smaller indie developers release on PC due to fewer incurred costs and a more diverse distribution market, and some bigger publishers (Such as Square Enix with Tomb Raider) do so due to rights ownerships or licencing agreements with platform creators. I don’t think Rockstar have any such reasons for doing so, besides just not caring enough about any potential PC customers. It’s not like those customers don’t exist, either - GTA5 sold 2 million copies on Steam alone in the first four weeks. There’s plenty of enthusiasts who would love to see this game come to PC – Rockstar just doesn’t care enough about them. That’s why I think that’s anti-consumer.


I’m not an expert on this kind of stuff, so correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t PC a complex platform to develop for? With each potential buyer having a unique PC setup with unique problems and incompatibilities. I’ve always assumed it wasn’t as easy as adding ‘PC’ at the end of their trailers.

Rockstar shipped 70 million copies of GTA V, which makes the 2 million sold on Steam look very small. It also makes their decision to ignore the market easy to understand though, especially if developing for the platform causes more trouble than it’s worth.

It’s a business decision, saying that they don’t ‘care’ makes it sound personal.


I hope no one gets offended for the following, but easy put I think the actual issue can actually be a bit more complicated, however your legit and first-world minds may not grasp the concept.

When I was a kid, a lot of people payed a lot of money on cibercafes and internetcafes to play Counter Strike on the private networks that cibers had. When I was a kid, never in my life had I owned an original PS1 or PS2 game. My uncle, never pays a single bolívar to play any game no matter how new, in fact in some, he can even create online servers and play with his cousin.

Bottom line because I’m sure you already got the point… the world is bigger than the UK and the USA, and not everybody has an FBI ready to accuse you for fraud. Fuck, even in my college they sometimes sell ilegitimate copies of books. Piracy is a thing. And it is pretty fucking big depending on where you live. Of course rockstar is only going to sell a minimal fraction of games on PC (and those that pay such money literally do so to play online) because you can just torrent the single player game for free. In fact, some at highschool when GTAV was launched, sayed they got the game for PC already like two months after console release. I think that Rockstar is simply so fucking disgusted towards PC piracy that they no longer care for any possible legit pc customer.


I’m no expert either - But I do know Rockstar have proven they can pull off a decent PC port when they want. GTA4 may have been a choppy, poorly optimized disaster when it finally came to PC, but the PC version of Max Payne 3 was generally much better despite some issues and GTA5 was almost everything you’d want from a PC version (shitty “social club” stuff notwithstanding). Despite the quality of their games being variable, they’re talented developers. I refuse to believe a PC version is too complicated for them or too much effort.

That figure was in its first month of release, and included purchases from the Steam store only. In the 18 months or so since then, that figure is likely to have increased significantly. And even if it hadn’t, two million new customers is nothing to scoff at. That’s a lot of people who want what you are creating.


I’d be really surprised if it doesn’t release on PC at some point (RDR surprised me though). If a delay between the releases makes for a great PC port, then I don’t see a problem with that.

It’s not going to be a priority though, when the vast majority of their sales comes from consoles.


i stole this comment from reddit:

“Rockstar made one billion dollars in the first 3 days of release for GTA V back in 2013 for the last-gen consoles. Porting and revamping the game for PS4, XBONE, and PC only heightened their profits because many people bought it twice, maybe even thrice. So why not continue that trend?”

given that rockstar will still probably release RDR2 on PC anyway, that is why this is anti-consumerist. they are double-downing on your wallet.


if they don’t release it on PC then that’s fine, they will lose a lot of customers.


Rockstar ought to have “Fuck You, Got Mine” as their company motto, because that’s what this feels like. They’re on the absolute top of the industry right now - If anyone can do it, they can. They just don’t need to, so therefore they won’t.


I won’t support Rockstar more, that’s for sure.


It speaks to the mystique of Rockstar that other big game companies were using the artwork of an unannounced game to promote their own games. Crazy stuff.

@Niobium Can you explain what that comment from Reddit adds to this conversation? It only reiterates what I and others have said earlier and doesn’t answer my question; how are you getting ripped off?

The only way R* ‘double down on your wallet’ is if you buy the game twice. You don’t have to buy it at all, never mind twice.


they’re trying to sell you the game twice

what part of this do you not understand?


How? If you buy RDR 2 once, you don’t have to buy it again, if you don’t want two or more copies that is.


R* are trying to sell as many copies as they can? What is this madness ?!

Pro Tip: Just buy one copy.


How and why? If you own only PC, you don’t have to buy it for console, you just need to wait for the PC release and if it will not be released for PC gamers, you can either buy Xbox One or PS4 and you only need to buy one copy of RDR 2 even then.


I don’t blame them. If they deliver a high quality product and you are willing to pay for a similar experience on a better machine when you have it. Buy it twice. I did. At one point I had Max Payne PS2, got a newer PC and boy the experience was totally different. It’s always down to the consumer what products you want to purchase. If you really love games and want to play them all why not borrow a console or just buy one as well as a Pc. With a gaming PC and a PS4 I cam pretty much play any title I want. I’m a fanboy of none lover of neither I just really enjoy videogames and I’m willing to shell out as much as I can for a better experience.

If I poured my heart and soul into making GTA I would want every damn penny possible. I don’t see the problem in making more cash from multiple platforms. No point complaining just get on with it and accept it.

These things take millions of monies and hours to make. Depending on the game they are worth every penny in my eyes. As long as they stick to what was advertised and demoed and deliver on what they promise is all I ask.